UX + Design Research Methods

DSIL VC Session 4 | TUESDAY | 8 September @ 11am Bangkok

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Featured Speakers: Adam Selzer and Lena Selzer, Lecturers at Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University; Civilla

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Session Overview

Practical User Methods for Optimal Social Impact

In this 60 minute session we will explore the complexities of various user research contexts and discuss practical user research methods that students can take into the field.

  • What is the potential value of user research?
  • What tools can I bring with me into the field to help me better understand my users?
  • Where are there opportunities to break down cultural barriers (or even language barriers)?
  • How do I conduct an effective and meaningful interview with a complete stranger?
  • What does it take to demonstrate cultural sensitivity when I engage audiences of different backgrounds?



  • Activity to conduct prior to class (all tracks): Imagine you are tasked with designing a pair of shoes for a major fashion company. Conduct an interview with a person from a very different background than yours. Learn everything you can about their shoe buying preferences. Take down copious notes and bring them to the session.

Your Next Steps!

Reflect and discuss with the DSIL Community. Check out the links below.

Speaker Profiles

Adam Selzer, Lecturer at Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University; Civilla

After dropping out of high school in search of something more meaningful, Adam became an Irish potato farmer which is where he learned that he didn’t want to be an Irish potato farmer anymore. So he tried out a host of alternatives: classical music composer, social entrepreneur, audio engineer, summer camp director, wandering nomad, rock & roll musician, even preschool teacher. This string of seemingly random adventures led to the completely inevitable conclusion of studying design thinking at the d.school. As a d.school Fellow Adam focuses on designing memorable learning experiences for unsuspecting audiences and narrowing the gap between the academic and professional design communities.

Prior to joining the d.school Adam helped launch The Design Collective where he led domestic and international ethnographic design research aimed at helping organizations root their growth strategy in human-centered insights. His life work will include bringing back the art of the jingle and continuing to explore unorthodox moments to break into song.

Adam holds a B.S. from Vanderbilt University in Human and Organizational Development, and an M.A. from Stanford University in Learning, Design, and Technology.

Lena Selzer, Lecturer at Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University

Lena is a human centered designer who is passionate about using design and innovation to improve people's lives. As a graduate of the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University (the d.school), she has led impact design projects that span 5 continents - from the development of mobile technologies for subsistence farmers in Northern Ghana, to clean water systems in rural India, to energy efficiency solutions in the UK. Currently she is running an independent design practice out of Detroit that tackles complex issues at the intersection of design, social entrepreneurship, and civic innovation.

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