World wide web Advertising: Evolution within the Field of Branding

When it is a product or service or the business, branding is definitely an image in a customer's mind. Marketers for ages have recognized the value of a picture, which speaks a thousand words. When we speak about branding, we can't escape from thinking about Nike (A proper tick sign), Apple logo or Mercedes Car which are identified by their single image logos, Florida Internet Marketing.

Branding dates back for the 18th century when the name "branding" was not even identified to marketers. By 1920s the concept of branding was well known and established by the two businesses "Procter & Gamble" and "Lever Brothers". Since then first time in 1996, Goodyear formalized six stages of branding. And since then we have seen a couple of brands which turned customers into brand evangelists.

Traditionally we have seen logos and image based branding on the billboards, stationery, TV channels, magazine or other print medium and product packaging. However another evolving medium is the internet which is more personalized and powerful. Today we have 900 Million internet users who access the world wide web at work, home and even when they are outside travelling, eating or shopping.

For any business to make its brand known for the masses, nothing is better than the internet to promote the solution. Imagine the power of an web promotion, brands like Flipkart, which is definitely an world wide web shopping portal; an effective promotion has established it as a brand which redefined the experience of buying books online. If the messages are clear, consistent and show a logo, internet can develop a fast brand familiarity.

Here are branding principles which can be used effectively to develop brands online in today's era:

Brand Recognition through an Image: A good logo is what is going to differentiate you from another company. If the image is eye catching with a balance of colours, it will attract the customers to pay attention and make them curious about your organizations offering. On the internet, there could be many places they can used like email signatures, Social Media Profile, Directory listing and more.

Enriching Customer Brand Experience: The brand experience is taken care of by optimizing performance on two main channels, i.e. social media and websites. The act of image building has two basic components, positioning and consistent delivery of quality. Positioning on internet medium is done through making a place on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and then effectively manages customers feel and perception about your brand. And consistent delivery of quality will be managed by the overall customer's buying and solution use experience.

Building Unique Brand Presence: Blogging is actually a great way for building brand presence. This can be done in two ways; by starting to build your own organization blog or writing blogs and comments on other websites. Using logo effectively in either of the case will help to create a brand recall and build brand associations.

Leveraging Brand for growth: Revenues, leads and sales are the only measurable goals for observing the success of the brands. Internet advertising companies, use PPC and SEO techniques to leverage brand potential effectively and within the process build stronger brand usage and satisfying experience.

Looking at all of the above and keeping in thoughts that traditional advertising tactics for branding should be well integrated with the marketing branding exercise, companies can build a successful brand in no time. YNG Media, a leading Digital Advertising firm from Delhi, has helped brands like Ferns 'N' Petals, MMTC, Greendust, Rockland Hospitals and many more to establish themselves as popular Web brands over time.