The lives of Crispus and Ernest

Justin Rivera

Ernest Green

Ernest Green was the first African-American to graduate from little rock high.He earned a bachelors degree along with a masters degree from Michigan state university.


Ernest Green has a wife known a phillys,and kids-Mackenzie,adam,and jessica


During the presidential administration of jimging carter greenheld the office of assistance secretary of labor.He also earned a little rock gold metal from bill Clinton in 1999.

Crispus Attakus

Crispus Attakus was born 1723 in framington M.A. crispus attakus was the first on to be shot in the boston massacare at boston m.a.

His life.

Crispus attakus had been a free slave and worked as a merchant,seaman,dockworker or Wampanoag,and a African desent.He was the frist one shot with two bullets from hugh montgovermy.