The Szczepkowski Law Firm

James Szczepkowski

Key Words

plaintiff: A person who brings a case against another into the court of law
defendant: The individual being sued in the court of law
complaint: The lawyer files a complaint with the proper court
summons: A document that tells the defendant of the suit against them, which requires them to attend in court on a specific date and time
pleadings: A formal statement of a cause in action or defense
pretrial conference: A conference before the held trial. This conference outlines discoveries.
mediation: The written or spoken discourse expressing the considered thoughts on the case
arbitration: Uses an arbitrator to settle the case
trial: The examination of evidence before the judge and jury
preponderance of evidence: The evidence required in a civil case
verdict: The decision of the case
appeal: Applying to a higher court for a reversal decision of the lower court

Our Goal For You

Our goal for our clients is to make sure that they receive the most beneficial and most profitable result. To do this we examine the situation and we make our mark to a better ending. Sometimes, we will not take the case if the evidence does not meet our standards, but we try to do our best for you, and the company.
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