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Media Center News

Media Specialist: Mary Noorian

May 2017


4th Quarter Ends: 05/26/2017

Last Day for Student Check-Out: 05/12/2017

ALL Student Books Due: 05/19/2017

ALL Teacher Materials Due: 05/30/2017

ET Desktop/Laptop Re-image: During summer vacation

*Please review your account status by logging into Destiny. Your username is your full teacher ID # (including zeros) and your password is your last name. Click the My account tab to see what you have checked out. Destiny can be accessed through the Media Center website and through Classlink. Be sure you are in Port Salerno and NOT in the district or your login won't work :)

^Save all documents to your personal 'F' drive as items saved to the desktop will be lost.

^Personal ‘F’ drives need to be cleaned up; transfer mp3, mp4, and jpeg files to an external drive. Servers are at risk of crashing when these drives are not cleaned up.

^Student ‘S’ drives will be wiped clean and all contents removed during the summer.

^Clean out outlook account and remove old, unwanted, and unnecessary email as exchange servers with 2.5 Terabytes of active email slow everyone’s email down.

Library Materials

*To ensure an accurate inventory, Curriculum/AV Materials need to be scanned and checked out to individual patrons:

Items to be stored in the Media Center during the summer:

General Circulation Materials

Literacy Resource Materials (Guided Reading materials)

AV Equipment (CD players, Kindles, ActivExpressions and Votes, tablets, slates, cameras)

Laptops checked out to teachers

Collected on the last day of school: Ziplock Baggie with room number/name (includes handheld microphone, lavaliere microphone, battery charger, rechargeable batteries, pens, pen case, remotes for doc camera and projector, and IWB information packet and supporting CDs)

What do I return to the library?

If you checked out a(n)

Active Slate – it should have a box, a slate, a hub (check your computer it may still be plugged in) and a micro usb cord (to charge it)

Active Votes – they should have a case, all the votes, a hub (check your computer it may still be plugged in)

Wireless keyboard/Touchpad combo – this should have the keyboard and a dongle (very tiny – may still be plugged into your computer)

Listening Station – Boom box, bag, power cord, audio cable, splitter

Laptop – laptop, power cord (2 parts)

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Change your password before you leave for the summer - if you want to access your e-mail from home

When logged into the MCSD network with your desktop icon page showing:

1. CTRL-ALT-DEL to change password

2. Choose CHANGE Password

3. Answer the following prompts:

Old Password

New Password

Confirm Password

Your password will now be changed! Secure your new password. Contact the Help Desk with any questions.

MCSD Network Access Updates

· Guest Accounts:

Guest Login for PSE - Important this login should NOT be used for student access to computers.

Username: GuestPSE

Password: Stingrays01

· Kiosk PC’s: ET has installed one kiosk PC in the lobby of your school for parent use. The username is surveytemp and the password is Help5out.

· Substitute Teacher Login Accounts: ET continues to work with HR to get sub teacher new hire information so we can create login accounts for these folks before they get to our school. In the event a sub does not have an account ready, please contact the Media Specialist immediately. Please remember, ET creates login accounts for all subs the same way they create any user account. If we don’t have the new hire information, we cannot create the accounts. The steps for a sub logging in are the same for any employee:

o The user name will be up to 6 letters of the last name and the first letter of their first name. For example: Frank Richardson would be richarf. Susie Smith would be smiths. If there ends up being a duplicate username with this method, a number is added to the end of the username. Please contact the Help Desk if you need assistance.

o If the sub has signed on this school year, their password will be the last password they used to sign on.

o If the sub has NOT signed on this school year, their password will be Welcome359$.

o Temporary subs are not given e-mail accounts or access to shared drives.

o Ask the Media Specialist to submit a Form 14 for any sub that does not have an account or if the sub teacher’s status changes to long-term. Only long term subs receive e-mail and access to shared drives.

· Substitute Teacher Safari Accounts: Subs will login to Safari using a generic account. The user name will be the initials of your site name and the password will be martin:

Username: psesub

password: martin

· Substitute access to shared drives: At this time, subs will not have access to any shared drives.

IWB (Interactive White Board) Maintenance

Clean projector filters on the Promethean Boards

Do not clean the BrightLink filters which are cleaned under contract by ITI.

Turn IWB projection devices off, not in mute mode to save life of lamp.

Powered On or Power Down?

Be sure to Power Down the following equipment for the summer:

Projectors, Promethean Boards, and Promethean Touch Panels

Audio Enhancement

Document cameras

Computer monitors

Be sure to Log Off all computers and keep the following devices Powered On for the summer:

Classroom printers

MFPs (copier, scanner, printer)

Teacher and student desktop PCs


Laptop Cart Users Only

Please be sure to bring all laptops/carts to the Library Media Center and plug them in to power. Locked classrooms are not a safe storage location. Also return your bin which carries your headphones and mice. It should be placed on top of your cart. Leave your key in the door of the laptop cart so ET can access it over the summer. Your cart will be stored in the TV Studio.

MCSD Google Apps for Education Accounts - GAFE

Please activate your GAFE account, if you haven't done so.

Logging in:

The new log ins are located under the domain. I will explain this in the username section below.

USERNAME: Your username is the same as your network credentials, but the ‘url’ portion of it has changed. For example, I am in outlook, but in Google Apps, I am . This is to help us distinguish between the two when working in the different environments.

PASSWORD: The plan for these accounts is for us to sync these with our other systems so that our passwords will eventually match your network credentials. For now, you can manage this password on your own. The initial password for your account is your 8 digit employee ID. You will be prompted to change this as soon as you log in for the first time.

What is Google Apps for Education?

ClassLink Single Sign On and Password Vault for MCSD Applications is Here!

The MCSD has purchased ClassLink for all its network users (faculty, staff, and students.) ClassLink solves the problem of too many passwords, and too many files scattered about. It’s a one click single sign-on solution that gives students access to everything they need to learn, anywhere, with just one password. Accessible from any device, ClassLink is the perfect tool for password vaulting.

Go to :

Introduction to ClassLink