New York State Animals

Science 8


This document has been put together to help you successfully complete a presentation on an animal native to New York for your Science 8 class. All resources you need: print, database, websites, citations, can be found here.

Production Tool

You will be using Google Slides for this project. Mrs. Johnson has shared a document with you that you will find in your "Shared with Me" folder in Google Drive. If you cannot find this file, here is another copy. Make sure to make a copy of this project and rename it your class period, last name and notecards.

Example: 2AllenNotecards.

Once you have created your own copy of this Slides document, please share it with Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Allen.

If you've never used Google Slides, click on this link to view a sample containing helpful hints.

Print Resources

There are many print resources in our Library that would be helpful for this project. Mrs. Allen has pulled most of the resources that you'll need, but feel free to search the OPAC for additional resources, See Mrs. Allen if you need assistance locating books in the Library.
Click on the link above (Database Resources- SEARCH) to access the collection of databases owned by our school. The following databases will be helpful for this project:

  • World Book Advanced or World Book Student
  • Kids InfoBits
  • Grolier Online (or specifically Amazing Animals of the World)

Please see Mrs. Allen for the SEARCH username and password if you need this information.

Public Domain and Creative Commons Resources

Be sure to use images that have a Creative Commons license, are in the Public Domain or have been labeled for reuse. YOU STILL HAVE TO CITE THESE IMAGE!!!!

Citing Your Sources

  • Be sure to go to OSLIS Citation Maker or EasyBib to cite both your textual sources and image sources. (EasyBib will sync with your Google accounts!)
  • For BONUS POINTS: Use in-text citations next to all information that is not common knowledge or is directly quoted.
  • If all information from a slide comes from the same source, you may place the in-text citation at the bottom of the page.
  • Cite images using the proper MLA format below each image.

Before completing your final presentation, you need to make sure that your Works Cited page and in-text citations (bonus) are formatted correctly. Please refer to this handout provided by Mrs. Allen.