5th Grade Family News

April 11th - 15th, 2016

5th Grade Family News

Dear 5th Grade Family,

We are starting FSA Science on Wednesday, April 13th and Thursday, April 14th. Students should have a healthy breakfast, well rested, and have a great attitude for testing.

- The 5th Grade Team

FSA Practice ONLINE (See separate smore communication)


Due to the fact that our assessment is on the computer this year, 5th grade is HIGHLY ENCOURAGING all students to go online and practice taking a simulated test using all the tools. Please follow the instructions provided in the .pdf link (separate smore communication). Students will benefit greatly having the extra practice before the test.

End of the Year Event/ Student Consumables Fee


We are working on scheduling end of the year event for our 5th graders. In order to put on a great event for our students, please consider paying the student consumables fee. This will help up determine what kind of BUDGET we will have for their end of the year event. Please see the link for the student consumables fee so we can send our 5th graders to middle school with the most rocking end-of-the-year event ever!

Student Consumables for 5th Grade

3rd Nine Weeks Awards Ceremony

Please join us April 22nd at 9:30 am for awards for 3rd nine weeks.

4th Nine Weeks Book Study

We are starting to read this book April 11th. Please have your book in ASAP! Thank you!

Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

When is FSA Reading, FSA Math, and FCAT Science?

Science FCAT: (Paper based testing) All students will be taking them April 13th and 14th

English Language Arts FSA (Computer Based): Week of April 18th - 22nd (exact dates for your child will be communicated based upon availability of the computer lab by homeroom)

Math FSA (Computer Based): Week of April 25th- April 29th (exact dates for your child will be communicated based upon availability of the computer lab by homeroom)

Seussical the Musical

KCC is debuting Seussical the Musical! The musical is debuting May 5th (6:30) and May 6th (7:00). The price is $6 for students/ $8 for adults. We have several 5th graders debuting their musical talent: Aleah A, Sydney, and Emma Pupillo.


We would love to see as many people there to support this musical endeavor! Ms. Bergman and her cast are working very hard to put on a great show!

Seussical The Musical Cast Picture

Big image

5th Grade Wish List

We are in need of paper! Copy paper would be much appreciated. You can get volunteer time for donating copy paper to our classrooms! Thank you so much!

More items on our wish list:

  • Pencils
  • Copy paper

KCC Radio Club sponsored by Ms. Coffey

KCC Radio Update: This will be the last week for Radio Club! Thank you to Dominic, Sarah, Dylan, Zoe, and Ryan who have come to join us for Radio Club! :)

5th Grade Professor Corner

Miss Anderson's Language Arts Class

This week, students learned about the universe in the first lesson of our new cross-curricular science unit! Students really seem to enjoy this subject as it allows us to not only practice our reading skills, but also learn some interesting science facts!

Our next novel study will be Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. Students should have their copies of the novel already, since we are beginning to read on Monday. I do not have any extra copies this quarter, so please make arrangements for your child to get a copy of this novel, either through purchase or borrowed from a local library.

Happy April!

Ms. Coffey's Math Class

Class News: We will have a math test on Friday and we will be celebrating Lesson 100 in the book!

Daily Lessons/ Homework:

4/11 Monday: L100: Algebraic Addition of Integers/ 19A/ Lesson 100 Celebration!

4/12 Tuesday: Investigation 10: Compound Experiments

4/13 Wednesday: Ratio Problems Involving Totals Hands on Activity (No Homework)

4/14 Thursday: Mass and Weight Hands on Activity (No Homework)

4/15 Friday: Lesson 103: Perimeter of a Complex Shape/ 19B

Please be sure your child is completing at least two hours per week of iXL!

Mrs. Pennington's Science and Social Studies Class

In science, we are spending Monday and Tuesday preparing and reviewing for the science end of year test (SSA). Our focus will include life science, earth science, and physical science. We will be completing practice test, using games to review and working on our test taking skills. Students with be taking the science SSA – April 13 and 14

Upcoming Dates

April 13th, 14th: Science FCAT (Paper Based)

April 18th: Report Cards Go Home

Week of April 18th: ELA FSA (Computer Based)/ Jeans Week

April 22nd: Awards Ceremony 9:30 am.

Week of April 25th: Math FSA (Computer Based)

April 29th: Chick Fil A Breakfast

May 5th: You Say When Yogurt Spirit Nite/ Seussical 6:30

May 6th: Seussical 7:00

May 26th: Kona Ice

Helpful Links and Reminders

Take Home Batman the Hedgehog for the Weekend

Take Home Batman Sign Up Genius

Batman is looking to go on vacation with your child! I have some very interested children who would love to take him home.

If you do take him home, I ask that he not be left with other large pets or small children. A shelf is fine where he is out of harms way. He eats cat food and needs to have his bedding cleaned out daily. Your child would receive a Mini Batman Training Course before they take him home. He is easy to take care of. He will have so much fun in your home! Sign up today!

Helpful Edsby Login Information

Q How can I view my student's grades?

A All grades and class websites are maintained at Edsby. Visit sdhc.edsby.com

Q What is my Edsby login information?

A User name: student number, Password: DOB in the format MMDDYYYY

Q How can I update my student Edsby password?

A The student password portal is here. If you can't reset your password, email Mr. Bethune in the front office for help.

Q How can I create or update my parent Edsby account?

A All parent passwords are maintained at MySpot. Visit myspot.sdhc.k12.fl.us

Q What is the server name for the Edsby mobile app?

A sdhc.edsby.com

5th Grade Team

Ms. Coffey: Math and Team Lead hcoffey@kidscc.org

Miss Anderson: Reading and Language Arts eanderson@kidscc.org

Mrs. Pennington: Science and Social Studies jpennington@kidscc.org