My Smore Flyer


I think media is factual information that you can find in many places like news articles. I think being media literate means you can read, research, and analyze many different types of information.

Smore #4

I remember when I was little kid; I was scared of this doll, because I didn’t realize what it was at first. I remember when I was around five or six years old, my parents tried to scare me and my siblings on Halloween. We were all in our rooms at first sorting out our candy when my mom suddenly ran into me and my brother’s room, with fake blood on her shirt, screaming that someone was in the living room. She left out and disappeared. We quickly hid under my bed. The lights were off so it was pitch black and all I could see were the white part of my sister’s eyes, wide open, scared. My dad came into the room, saying he needed help, of course no one wanted to go. So he went under the bed and first pulled my older brother from under the bed. It kind of reminds me of that scene from the movie Taken when the girl was abducted. He was dragged out so fast. I was next. I tried to fight him off as he tried to grab my legs but failed and he pulled me onto his back and carried me to the living room. It was there that I saw someone sitting on the table. Hair in front of its face, facing my direction, silent, my mom and brother were just standing next to it, head down. They cut on the lights and it was there that I saw the thing sitting there. A doll, my sisters, sitting in the chair, everyone was laughing around me. What a horrible prank to do to a six year old when I think back on it.
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The Doll with a much smaller size

smore #5

America will always remember September 11, the infamous day that a devastating terrorists attack took down the twin towers in a suicide attack of slamming the plane into the buildings killing the terrorist along with its passengers. The attack killed many in the building and whipped Americans into a frenzy. It was later discovered that the people claiming responsibility for the attack was an extremist anti- American group situated in Russia who claim America has been spying on its country for years claiming we are responsible for many cyber-attacks and stealing of important data in Russia. Apparently the Cоставил Tеррорист, which is what they are calling themselves, are made up of ex-military and intelligence agency officer’s situated in Russia whose views differ from their colleagues. The attack on the pentagon, America’s defense agency, was a statement to America proving how incapable America was at protecting itself. It was also a cover for organizing their own series of cyber-attacks in the confusion. It was believed, due to the complexity at which they've formed their plan, by the United States that they had to have had help from some big organization, so naturally we blamed Russia who refused to cooperate with us claiming they had nothing to do with the incident and refused to give up the names of ex-military officers in the recent years. This caused conflict between the two nations that dragged on and on. This combined with constant attacks from the Cоставил Tеррорист eventually pushed America to the edge. The people were more fired up than ever and some terrified as well, due to this, immigrants who were from Russia were targeted by Americans who feared that they could turn out to be a Russian terrorist and enemy. This led to the president at the time to issue an executive order that turned parts of US into military zones that were turned over to the military. The military then proceeded to isolate Russian- Americans in camps away from the people. When the conflicts with Russia were at his highest point and with another organized attack formed by the Cоставил Tеррорист, America decided to link these attacks with Russia and declare war against them. This war lasted years, with neither side losing any ground. This became one of the only battles against a country that America fought at home, due to the carrier strikes and bombing. America suffered huge losses and damages, and Russia lost an equal amount. American citizens also had to pay the price of war by having to ration and conserve resources for the American army. In the end after much damage and losses to both nations they've agreed to enter a ceasefire. The Cоставил Tеррорист also disappeared mysteriously and was not heard again to this day. Due to the war only ending in a ceasefire the people are still tense and on edge to this day. The attacks from Cоставил Tеррорист changed America greatly, making change many policies on the internet and change transportation policies. The war burned a scar into the memories of Americans everywhere.

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smore #6

Sunday, Nov. 15th 2020 at 1am

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC

Don’t you grow tired of hearing cases of police brutality all over America? Cases are even videotaped and some police still get a free pass and get away with no charges. Rodney king, Wayne Calvin Byrd, Javier Ovando, Donovan Jackson, Juan Herrera, the list goes on. We must put a stop to this; we cannot allow corrupt policemen to do whatever they want and then corrupt courts side with them. We must stand up and defend ourselves. If you would like to help to ensure that steps will be taken to stop police from using excessive force, or to actually get real justice in a court case. Meet in front of the white house and join in on the protest for a fair government. One person alone won’t be able to do anything but together we could make a difference.

Smore #7 Written Text

Big brother is always watching

The buildings are bugged, tele screens are everywhere, always listening, always watching. The people are brainwashed, the economy false, education is monitored and altered to represent only what big brother wants us to know and to see.

thought police are everywhere, intelligence is silenced, ignorance is rewarded, everyone is monitored, we pass each other in the streets without stopping to think of something we’d want to say and if we do speak, the preferred language is newspeak, which is a simpler form of English, only made to erase all forms of self-expression.

We are monitored by thought police and if we aren’t careful, we can disappear at night without anyone ever wondering what happened. big brothers predictions are more important than the truth, our government says its produced more boots than ever before, but in reality half the population is bootless. The food we eat is poisoned, it numbs our taste, yet we’re forced to eat it, it’s the only thing we got, making finer food taste nothing like they once were.

Big brother lies, and the inner party members are in on it, the population is divided, separated; they are three groups ranging in order from highest to lowest, the inner party members, the outer party members, and the proles. Most of the countries people are made up of the proles, who are to ignorant about the world, so don’t care what happens. Kids don’t play tag or watch TV, what they watch are state executions mostly done by hanging, and that’s what they look forward too. They are turned into spies, feared by their parents, who they won’t hesitate to turn in if suspected of thought crime. Big brother is always watching. Everybody knows nothing of the truth, everybody is brainwashed, stuffed full of brig brothers ideals. Everyone’s concerned with trying to be the best party member there is that they are not many human beings left anymore, the past is erased and rewritten, making us not sure what to believe anymore or what’s true and what’s not. The real human beings are the proles, they are the most human, they haven’t thrown away their emotions yet, and this is what we should be.

But there is still hope, hope in the few party members who are like me, if we work together, we can make a difference. There is hope in the brotherhood, which lives to take down the party, break down its lies, and reveal the truth. With time, we can get rid of the tele screens who watch our every move; we can get rid of the mikes planted in our trees, our lamps, our rooms, our buildings. Even if I die there will always be someone like me because the party can’t read our minds or more importantly what’s deep in our hearts. This change will come slowly but surely, maybe not in my time or my kid’s time but it will come. Because each of us can work to change a small part of events and in total, all those acts, would inspire more and more, until eventually we win. There is still hope, and it starts with us.

Smore #8

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK for short) still exists today as protesters against everything they consider un-American. This to me is considered a dystopian society because everyone involved with this group wears the same robes and believes in the same ideas. A group that believes that to restore America back to its former glory, everyone must be white and Christian and the nation should be free of drugs, homosexuality, immigration, and also never mix in with other races. Members are convinced that they are right and think everyone who believes otherwise are wrong and un-American, therefore, should not be here. They have kept the belief that they are superior to all other races. They claim to be a non-violent, Christian family, full of not hate, but love. But in reality, as history shows, they have proven to be an extremely violent group, burning crosses in the lawns of people who they believe are un-American due to their skin color or religious beliefs and even going as far as killing those people. If these beliefs really do become the foundations for the ideal American and are adopted by America, where everyone believes the same thing, all wear robes to represent their affiliation to the group, and non-believers becoming excluded outcast, then it would truly be an unpleasant society that basically dehumanizes everyone who doesn't fit in with the norm, the textbook definition of a dystopian society. Today, members of the Ku Klux Klan still exist in 41 different countries and have around 5,000 to 8,000 members.

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Smore #9


Smore #10

Although my time with this class was short, I was still able to learn some new things that I have yet to learn from my old school yet in the small amount of time I’ve been here. One of those things was the MLA format for standard professionally written papers that I was unaware of when I moved here. Using the MLA format I was also able to learn how to correctly cite information from websites in my paper and correctly quote important information from other sources. Another thing I learned from taking this class is the definition of media literacy which is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms. That surprised me because that is almost the exact definition I got from my first smore entry I posted, in which I had to guess what media literacy meant to me. If I had to take away one thing from this class and use in real life, it would definitely be those skills I learned here. I’m sure in the professional world I will have to know how to write papers in the MLA format and cite information correctly so I don’t plagiarize. These skills will probably do me some good in college essay papers too. This class was different than my other language arts classes I’ve taken too, normally in my previous school I would simply read a short story from a LA book, do a short assignment on it, and then move on and be done with it. Another thing done differently here is the use of the internet to complete a majority of my assignments, I’ve normally just do most of my work on paper. With today’s increasing use of technology, that is probably to be expected for the future. I don’t really have any real ideas that can be done to make this class better because I haven’t been here the whole time. Other than to depend on the internet a little less, which is probably only affects me because I’m use to working without having to go online.