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Daniel Derevage

So difrint are the coolers of life as we look forward to future so back wards to the past and so different the opinions and produer that the convos scon on the old and the young end generally Mitch contend the pity on either side.

What the qwowt ubuve is saying is that evreone has a difrint apinyin on sumpthing thaw thar can be similar thay can not be all the same.

An utopian Sicily Connot exist because there are too many people with deferent philosophes about life.
To begin peapil have different aspects of life
"He kill it! Jonas said to himself stunned at what realizing."

The Giver page 188 chapter 19

Jonas wus sad at the death of the infinite and angey at his father for dying it.
Jonas had a bidding a plain on his fother.
A news paper was attract in Paris by traits becus thay were macin fun of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Explanation:after the attak on Paris by the tarist the frinch peapil disidid to instead of nigosheating on a diplamsdic level thay bonded taris locashins.

Peapil have to mine phlosufes of life.
Utop ins are impossible.