EdTech Updates

November 2021

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November After School PD Training Series is now Available!

Please join us for after school sessions on the following programs:

  • Flocabulary (11/8) Engage students by incorporating educational hip-hop music.
  • Seesaw K-2 (11/10) Create portfolios and document student work.
  • Book Creator - Secondary Teachers (11/16) Make digital books online.
  • Padlet (11/18) Digital canvas to create projects that are easy to share/collaborate on.

It's never too late to learn something new and deepen your understanding. Click below to register today!

Access the premium licenses to these programs via Classlink (with the exception of Screencastify, which is a Google Chrome extension).

Introducing EdPuzzle

Did you know you could flip instruction using EdPuzzle? EdPuzzle is a video platform that allows teachers to embed formative assessment in the video lessons. EdPuzzle collects data as students watch and interact with videos. You can use videos from several different platforms including YouTube, Khan Academy, and EdPuzzle's very own library collection or upload a video of your own.

Learn how to integrate EdPuzzle into your instruction:

EdPuzzle: Create Interactive Video Lessons

Fall STEAM Project 2021

Scratch Coding Challenge

Update: Beginning November 4th, we will be giving trainings. Training dates have been updated due to Holiday and Parent teacher conferences!

Join us Friday 11/12 ,Tuesday 11/16 and Thursday 12/2!

SEE The Amazing Challenge Below! Prizes: Trophies, and MORE!

Project Due Date: 12/06/21

  • This training is for teachers and students who are interested in entering the Fall challenge.
  • Teachers will log into the session via their ClearTouch, and they will watch the session with their classes and help keep students accountable with completing task.
  • Individual students are not to log on, by themselves.
  • We will review coding skills to bring your story to life and help with any specific questions.

Log into the session via ClearTouch with your students

Elementary (3-5) from 1:30-2:30 Link for Grades 3-5 (EdTech)

Secondary (6-12) from 1:50-2:45 Link for Grades 6-12 (EdTech)

Here is the link for the trainings and the project schedule. We will admit classes only (students can view via ClearTouch, in the classroom).

More information can be found at the project's website, https://bit.ly/cusdfallchallenge21

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Scratch Story Telling! Open to Grades 3-12

The Challenge: Students will use Scratch to create and tell a story. They can use all the features of Scratch to make their story engaging and fun. They will post their story on Flipgrid.

The Story: The theme of the story should encompass the fall season (and whatever that means to you). Fun stories, sad stories, spooky stories... just good stories. The story should be presented on Scratch using the student's creativity. Students can provide links to the stories via Google Classroom.

Judging: Submissions will be graded on originality, creativity and the use of code. Rubric to follow.

Due Date: 12/06/21

Scratch Challenge PD Day 1

Computer Science Education Week

CSEdWeek is December 6 - 12, 2021. Computer Science Expo, challenges, and support coming soon! #CSEdWeek. More information coming soon!
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Setting Up Google Classroom from Aeries

  • Create classes IN Aeries to have students automatically rostered in and sync your assignments with a click of a button.
  • Already created a class? No problem! You can easily link existing classes.
  • Infographic guide on how to get started
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