Sugar Glider

Petaurus Breviceps

Jacqueline Bennett

Kingdom Animalia, phylum chordata, class mammal, order diprotodontia, family petauridae, genus petaurus, species petaurus breviceps

The sugar glider is most closely related to the flying squirrel

Where they live and what they eat

Sugar gliders live in all types of forests that have an adequate food supply.They build nests in the branches of eucalyptus trees inside their territory. They tend to live in southern Australia, they have also been found in New Guinea and islands surrounding it. They are also able to deal with the cold.

Sugar gliders are omnivorous and like the sweet sap from a eucalyptus tree. Other foods that they eat include pollen, nectar, insects, larvae, arachnids and other small invertebrate. During spring and summer months they eat insects like moths and beetles, and in the winter and fall months they tend to eat plants like eucalyptus sap and pollen.

very common in Australia

sugar gliders can glide up to 45 meters

Their average mass is 3.9 ounces, their head and body are around 4.7- 12.6 in long, and their tail is around 5.9 - 18.9 in.