The Verona Guardian

Edition #239 June 27th 1569 Editor: Aidan Pothiah

Romeo Montgue Banished Because of Tybalt Capulet's Death

Tybalt Capulet was murdered by Romeo Montgue on Monday June 26th 1569. Tybalt Capulet was angry that Romeo Montgue had been at the Capulet ball. Tybalt murdered Mercutio, Romeo's friend. An angry Romeo stabbed Tybalt, killing him. "The scene was gruesome" The Prince said. " Mercutio didn't want a fight " said a witness. Romeo Montgue has been banished from Verona because of the murder of Tybalt Capulet. " Tybalt's death was brutal and bloody", said a pedestrian. " Romeo killed Tybalt out of rage to get revenge for Mercutio", Benvolio said. Romeo has yet to be found so if you see him please report it.


Montgue, Mercutio

Mercutio was born on April 14th 1545 into the family of the Montgue's. Mercutio was a skilled swordsman. He was loving to his best friend Romeo Montgue. Mercutio died on Monday June 26th. He died when he was stabbed in the stomach. His funeral will take place on Monday July 3rd at the Montgue vault.


It is believed that the feud between the Capulets and the Montgues is negatively impacting the citizens of Verona because people don’t feel safe on the streets because they feel like they will get hurt, people are being murdered everyday and the feud is costing innocent people their lives. People don't feel safe because they see all of these fights in the streets everyday and are afraid to leave their homes. Also people want to live their lives in peace without hearing about all these big fights happening everyday. I think people being murdered everyday is affecting Verona because it puts a bad reputation on the city and it lowers the population and that means people will not be making as much money because of the low population. Innocent people dying in Verona is bad because everyone will be scared because they don't want to be injured or even die. This is why the feud between the Capulets and the Montgues is negatively impacting the citizens of Verona.

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