For Sale- House of Usher

Asking price: $500,000


  • This mansion was once a fair and stately manner; a radiant palace.

  • The Usher's were the most recent owners of this house. The family habituated this house for many, many years. They only repopulate with other family members, thus showing signs of slight deficiencies in various areas. One of the Ushers: Roderick, had a long-time friend pay him a visit, where he accompanied Roderick in activities such as painting, reading, and listening to Roderick play his guitar. The visitor was very interested in Roderick's mental condition, so he stuck around to try and help Roderick recover. Roderick's sister passed away, so he had his friend entomb her inside of the house. But don't worry, she didn't die down there... she died upstairs, on top of her brother, Roderick. His friend fled the house, and it hasn't been lived in since.


Property- outdoors

Nightmarishly Beautiful

The outdoor property is very large, covering acres with dead trees, some dripping in dark green moss. The terrain is mostly mud, some areas more than others. An eerie fog floats through the shadowy forrest giving it a mysterious and creepy feel. It is cloudy and dark most of the time. If you like taking long walks through creepy forrests, this is the house for you.