Important People of Colonial Times

John Locke and Thomas Hooker

John Locke

Locke was one of the the first "modern philosophers" (John Locke DISCovering). He wrote many essays and was an inspiration for the Declaration of Independence and came up with a "theory of human understanding" (John Locke DISCovering).

Personal Life

Locke was born on August 29, 1632 and lived until October 28, 1704 (Locke, John). His father, John Locke, was a local attorney, and his mother was a tanner's daughter (John Locke UXL). Locke was educated at Christ Church College at Oxford (John Locke DISCovering). He lived in England, but moved to the Netherlands during the English Civil War (Locke, John).

His Beliefs

Locke believed in a government by the people where everybody had inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and property (Locke, John). He was opposed to a monarchy in England and thought a democracy would be better (Locke, John). Back the, since there was a king and queen who were born into their positions, he wasn't part of a political party because there were none (Locke, John).

Impact on history

Locke wrote many essays that were important to history, including Two Treatises of Government and Essay Concerning Human Understanding (John Locke DISCovering). His essays were not well received in England, but were important in other parts of the world (John Locke UXL). Thomas Jefferson was influenced by Locke when he wrote the Declaration of Independence (John Locke DISCovering). Locke also came up with a theory about human nature (John Locke DISCovering).

Thomas Hooker

Thomas Hooker, England-Born, was a prominent puritan who founded the colony of Connecticut. He was known for his preaching.

Personal LIfe

Thomas Hooker was a Puritan Colonial leader. He was was born on July 5th, 1587 at Leicestershire, England to a protestant family. Thomas Hooker attended Cambridge University and received a bachelor of arts degree in 1608 and a master of arts degree in 1611.

His beliefs

Thomas Hooker was puritan. He became a puritan in England. A puritan in England would be looked like a criminal. He then fled to Holland. He was known for his preaching. After he separating from the massachusetts colony, he founded the colony of connecticut.

IMpact on history

Thomas Hooker was the man who founded the colony of Connecticut. He was a puritan that was born in England. He dies at Connecticut in July 7, 1647.
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By Francisco Garcia and Caleb Peterson