Jonathan Maestas

what my experience can do for you.

learn anything, from basics, to all slap and pop techniques such as double thumb, triplet slapping, and the economy of motion techniques. learn practice techniques that will increase your fret board accuracy, along with hand strength and become a more fluent player and improve your ability to not only write, but do improvisational playing as well. I have a wide variety of what i can teach.
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my various projects and trainings.

I have been playing bass for 9 years now. I've played in jazz band through all my years of high school, have been in many alt rock and metal bands such as, wittikism, moon cheese plague, oh captain my captain, vest, jon bovi, envisionist, and am currently working on a solo project.

Price and info

you can search me on facebook if you would like, text or call me. it will be 10 bucks a half hour lesson, or if you would like one lesson a week an entire month, one of them will be free. hope to hear from you soon.