Email Do's and Don'ts

By: Sophia New

The Do's and Don'ts

1. Be sure to use proper punctuation- do not have too many run-on sentences

2. Clear and crisp- Make your email formatting easy to read

3. Double Check- Make sure when you are replying to an email to check the “CC” and “BCC” before sending

4. Answer swiftly- don’t take forever to answer people might think that the message has not delivered

5. Write the subject in the subject field- try to write the subject in the subject field box to identified what you are talking about

6. Don’t use reply to all- if you are replying to a group message

7. Don’t have complicated emails- try to keep your emails to one specific point

8. Don’t write in all CAPS- try to not write in caps because it symbolizes that you are yelling

9. Don’t reply to spam- if you reply to spam it indicates that your email is a actual email and you could get more spam from that company

10. Don’t leave out questions- if someone asks you more than one questions don’t answer only one of them