What's The Buzz?

Miss Daly's First Grade Weekly News


Our mathematicians are continually working hard in math class! This week we worked on comparing numbers. We are using vocabulary such as greater than, less than and equal to when comparing numbers.

Word Work (Phonics)

Our children have been working hard all year on Word Work! We practice decoding nonsense words every day with Mrs. Hoopes! This week we learned the soft "c" and soft "g" sounds. Ask you child: "When does the letter "c" make the soft sound? When does the letter "g" make the soft sound?"


This week we learned about different parts of a plant and what each part's job is! We then read about a tree that can grow up to 275 feet tall! We went on an adventure to give the students a real life perspective of how tall the tree stands.

Community Building

We love watching Kid President videos! Before spring break we watched Kid President and began writing a paragraph about "What are you teaching the world?" The students brain stormed ideas of important things they could teach the world.
Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

Important Reminders

Next weeks sight words: their, clean, keep, its, ran, just

Please have your child read for at least 30 minutes a night!

Wednesday- following a Friday schedule (we will have check out only in Library, so please bring library books!)

Thursday- 3rd quarter report cards go home