1880-1920 Timeline Magazine

Taya Schwiening

Industrialization Political

People started ranching by having open ranges. They would roam their cattle freely. Then fights broke out and they invented barbed wire. I am proud of the simple but effective creation of barbed wire, as it is still used today on operating ranches.

Industrialization Economic

The railroads transported goods that varied from many categories. The Transcontinental Railroad made it more efficient to transport from one the opposite sides of the country. I am proud of the innovation of the Americans creating such an efficient way of moving things.

Industrialization Social/Cultural

Social Darwinism became a theory that was popular. It was the idea that people were competing or (surviving) for higher profit and wealth. It was the idea of a survival of the fittest in the business world. I am proud of this idea because that makes people really work for what they want and there are no excuses.

Immigration Political

The Chinese came to the US and began to dominate the labor field. With the large amounts of them working on the railroads to them becoming successful entrepreneurs. The Americans began to be Anti-Chinese and despised them for taking their jobs. So they wrote up the Chinese exclusion act which slowed future immigration. I am proud and ashamed because this would obviously hep Americans gain the better jobs again, but at the same time the Chinese were just looking for a better life.
The Chinese Exclusion Act

Immigration Economic

When Ireland was struggling from the potato famine they needed a place to go so they could find other options of making money. SO they began the trek to the US and although they weren't welcomed with complete open arms they were still allowed to come. I am proud of America being open-minded to the struggling other countries like Ireland.

Immigration Social/ Cultural

When large amounts of immigrants started coming to the US it was hard for citizens to accept them. They came up with lots of reasons to discriminate like the race or religion of someone but deep down it was mainly cause they were taking jobs and were harder working. I am ashamed of America for this because they should of though if they were in the immigrants shoes and how they would feel.

Urbanization Political

With the new amounts of immigrants needing jobs big factorys popped up in the citys and drew loads of workers. It was hard for factory owners to make sure the conditions were acceptable but they also didnt care. This lead to the creation of Labor Unions protcting workers from rough working conditions like low pay, and abuse. I am proud of the US citizens for starting these unions and really helping the lower class.

Urbanization Economic

Something helped boost the economics during the urbanization age a lot. It was the telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell. He invented it in 1876 with lots of other inventions in that time period. I am proud of these inventors for thinking outside of the box and making new things that help with communication

Urbanization Social/Cultural

African Americans moved to the north. This persuaded a lot of factories to open up in the city which opened a lot of jobs for the African Americans. I am glad for them being able to find jobs to make a living.

Progressivism Political

Jane Adamms helped all the new immigrants in so many ways and was such an influential woman in this time period. She made Hull Houses to integrate immigrants into the community and give them affordable friendly housing to help them get started.

Progressivism Economic

Progressive Income Taxes came from this era. The Tax make it so that the more money you make basically the higher your tax rate is. I support this because it wouldn't be fair for people in the lower class to have to pay the same high taxes as those who can actually afford it.

Progressivism Social/Cultural

The Jim Crow Laws initiated racial segregation mainly in the south. I am ashamed of this because Americans decided that just because these people are competion with them for things in life shouldn't be allowed the right treatment because of the color of their skin.

Imperialism Political

Anti Imperialist leagues were established in June 15 1898. They annexation of Philippines. I am proud of this because they didn't like the spreading of US. I am proud of this because they were trying to keep the culture and history in without welcoming to many foreigners.

Imperalism Economic

There were many motives of money and profit in the imperialistic era. Widening the countries trade meant more money which always was worth it. I was proud and ashamed of the US because who doesn't like money, but at the same time they needed to do what kept the history alive.

Imperialism Social/Cultural

It was good when they would explore new territories because they would get new discoveries and scientific research. Also hey would make new medical findings. I am proud of the open mindedness of the Americans.

World War 1 Political

President Woodrow Wilson came up with his 14 points rules. Some consisted of the ideals like open treaties,freedom of seas, and equality of trade. I am proud of President Wilson because of his fair and helpful rules for the US and other nations.

World War 1 Economic

The US was highly involved in the war and when it began citizens were very supporting of the war fund. They would donate food and such to the effort. Also after the war when people stopped giving their money to the war they had extra money which lead to roaring 20s. I am proud of our country and the incredible amount of support for the war effort.

World War 1 Social/Cultural

The war technology improved with Trench Warfare that was dug out trenches in the dirt where men would be able to be more protected from fire. They were also bad at the same time cause it was easy for people to gas men and kill them more than one at a time. I am proud of the idea of trenches and protecting our troops.