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What's been going on!?!

Coaching Cycles

Thanks to the folks who completed the coaching cycle form! I appreciate you taking the time do complete it for me! If you didn't get a chance to sign up for a coaching cycle, there will be another opportunity in January! Any time you want to chat about what a coaching cycle is, let me know!

Have you seen this??

Music Theory & Performance

Trailer using iMovie

Alex used what he learned in September to make a trailer for his music class! I saw it on Twitter and LOVED it! If you haven't seen it, take a look!

Unit Development

When thinking about our curriculum, let's help each other remember these things:

1. Our units should be about 4-4.5 weeks long. This will really be important as we move to providing Tier 2 support to our struggling students based on our summative assessments.

2. Students should take the same common summative assessment within a 2-3 day period of time. This will allow us to have the data to determine who needs support in Tier 2! Let's also work on one or two common formative assessments during a unit. This will also help us get more comfortable analyzing student evidence during our PLCs.

3. RWE tasks should be done throughout the unit and the final task, the one that is graded, should be done here at school in one, maybe two, periods. This allows us to evaluate what the kids are doing along the way and their final piece.

4. Use the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework throughout the unit and every day. We need to be sure we provide focused instruction, guided instruction, time to process with peers, independent time and good models!

I know I will need everyone's help remembering these things as we work together! (Swiss Cheese brain has been known to happen to me!)

Are We Kids' Cheeleaders??

Josh Turnbull - Sign Him Up!

So Cool!

When I was out of the building the 14th & 15th, I was fortunate to see this video. It reminded me that we are all cheerleaders for the kids here at JJH! Thought you might enjoy this!