Ultra Fun Run Updates

Prizes for pledge requests will be delivered on Monday

Great Job Descanso Elementary School Families!

The number of students registering and sending out the Pledge Emails and Texts to family and friends continues to grow! Many students sent out the required 10 or more Pledge Requests to earn the Room a Rang. Way to go!!!

1. SEND OUT A TOTAL OF 15 PLEDGE EMAILS BY Tuesday (10/29/2019)

Do this by Tuesday 10/29/2019 and you will receive:


While you have until the end of our fundraiser to raise money and qualify for the various prizes, we will continue to give out fun BONUS PRIZES for sending Pledge Emails and Text Messages.

If you have not already, please register here - www.ultrafunrun.com

Enter the Student Access Code – REDHAWKS

We’ve attached a copy of the parent/prize letter full of important registration information and prize opportunities.

We look forward to an incredible turn out and thank you for making a difference in the daily lives of our students.