# You Matter

My genius

I matter to the world because of who I am. I am one of the most caring people you will ever meet I listen to everyone and their problems even if I don’t want to hear it. I am very open minded in that way I suppose I always try new ideas. Sometimes I am too nice and people kind of walk all over me. I am a very “people person” I like a lot of people even though I don’t talk much I love to listen.

My friends say that I am a pretty loyal person until I get mad. I can normally stand up for myself unless I am attach to the person so much that I don’t want to lose them. I tend to get pretty attach to most people I meet. I like being trampled over I guess. I’m not very sure of myself I know that.

Breaks my Heart..

I watched a movie last night that broke my heart it was called Rabbit fence. It was about a family of “half castes” (a mixed race person). The white law would take children from their mothers. They thought that if they would take the children form their mothers to try to domesticate them. They were being taught how to act they had to wear white shoes and white night gowns. They would lift up their gowns to see if their skin was getting lighter.

Later in the movie the girl took her little sister and cousin and they tried to go home. The cousin didn’t make it to their home. The girls traveled 1200 miles on foot. They were hungry and didn’t have any sources some helped them on the way but not many. They traveled for a month and the oldest carried on of the girls almost the whole way. It really was a great movie.

My Greatest Fear

Most people claim they aren’t afraid of death but me I am terrified of the fact that if I were to die today I would hate that I wasn’t able to make all my amends to the people that deserve it the most. I’m not ready to leave this earth because there are too many things is life that I have yet to do for myself and others. One thing I really want to do some day is be a stunt performer and if that doesn’t work out I want to be an open water lifeguard.

I am very much of a dreamer and most of those dreams I have I do them all. I am known for being strong willed and determined in whatever I want to do in life with myself. I also have a backup plan in every decision I make a plan for the future and how to deal with the past. I want to have a good life that is my main dream to make myself and others happy. I would wish for that most like me and that I like most that come my way. Over all in life I want to be known as a good person

My biggest dream

I dream to someday that animal abuse will stop. In my opinion I feel all animal slaughter is fine doesn’t matter what the animal is as long as it is done humanely. I saw this video on facebook one time that had animal slaughter in China. There were dogs and cats crammed into small cages that were filled to where animals couldn’t even turn their heads. They would have semi trucks full even some strapped to the top. A person would climb on top of the truck and throw the cages on the hard cement ground. They would then take the animals over on the hooks and skin them still very alive. In the video they showed a bunch of skinned dogs and they threw one on the top and after a while the dog could still lift its head up and cry. Most dogs whine but not this dog I felt the tears that dog was shedding from all that pain and abuse. My dream is to put a full stop to inhumane animal slaughter