Protecting our Watersheds

Join us and help us think of ways to protect our watersheds

5 Ways humans negatively affect watersheds

The action of overfishing, Spilling tons of oil into the ocean, actions when not picking after your pets, people littering the ocean, harmful fertilizer that washes into runoff washing into the ocean.

Ways to counter each negative action

The EJfoundation stops over-fishing by investigating and exposing illegal "pirate" fishing. NRDC prevents oil spills by cutting off offshore drilling in the Artic and Atlantic coasts. For picking up after pets, NRDC says to bury pets waste, but keep it away from any water sources, from there the microorganisms will then take care of the waste. Simple clean/throw away trash, some have passed laws that restrict/limit the use of fertilizer on lawns, farms, and crops.

The effects of pollution

The Cleaner, The Better

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Keeping getting involved in our worlds water pollution.

Sure, Our community is helping out clean the water, but with the help of everyone on earth the water will be as clear as day. maybe even purifying our water.