The Wonders of Switzerland

By: Jessenia Webba


Did you know that Switzerland wasn't always called Switzerland? In 1291-1515 Switzerland was called the Swiss Confederation. Switzerland has a size slightly less than twice the size of new jersey. Switzerland who's capital is Bern has a flag that represents the coat of arms of the carton schywz, one of the three founding members of the swiss confederation.

Geography ( the things around thee country)

Switzerland is located in Europe surrounded by Austria, Germany,France, Italy and Liechtenstein. Switzerland has a lot of major landmarks such as the Alps that is 60% of the land, Middle-land 30% and Juna Mountains 10% of the land. Furthermore, Switzerland human geographic features such as Lake Geneva, Swiss Alps, Jungfrau and Chateudechilton are only a few of the major attractions to why people might move to Switzerland, so don't forget to visit it. Ever feel thirsty ? If you do definitely visit Switzerland , because there not only surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic ocean, Rhone and Rhine, but in Switzerland because 80% of the water comes from natural springs and ground water that led to a positive development so now people can drink water straight from lakes. The geographical parts of the country impacts Switzerland because with out the body of waters people would not survive and without the physical features there would not be a lot of animals in Switzerland because some animals can adapt to the environment but others can't.


The swiss confederation has a limited government, so therefore, the citizens have the right to vote and the people who make the laws ( the U. S congress: the House of representatives, the State Senate,The Virginia General Assembly and the house of Delegates) must obey them too.The presidents of Switzerland are elected by the federal assembly from the federal council. The new president of Switzerland is Simonetta Sommaruga.

Culture ( a shared belief )

There are a lot of languages spoken in Switzerland, but the major ones are German,Italian ,Romansh and Schvuy Deutsch. Like the USA Switzerland also has major holidays that include Mother's day, Ascension day , Whitsunday, Corpus Christi , Boxing Sa Stephens day and more. The most popular religion in Switzerland is the Roman Catholic who study baptized Christian of a revealed truth about God they also study Christianity, faith and having hope.

clothing types in Switzerland


Climate ( a temperature that is consistent for a long period of time )

Switzerland has a temperate climate with becomes warmer in the South. It rains in Switzerland about 260 cm per year. The average temperature in Switzerland is relatively mild. I believe that the climate has an effect on the country, because if it rains it educes the number of resources in a farm because the resources would be weathered out of the farm but if the resource is planted if it rains it would increase the number of resources available.

History ( things that have happen )

In 1971 women where granted the right to vote in federal elections and now a field of responsibilities and power are in the hands of women in Switzerland. The Gotthard Base tunnel was created in 2010 and now is the longest railway tunnel in the world completed. It was built to reduce the travel time between Zurich and Milan by an hour.


Compare and Contrast

The materials used to build houses and apartments are not as good in Switzerland than the United states and therefore will protect more people from harsh climates. Some of the food in Switzerland is healthier because the ingredients it contains have more energy, vitamins and vegetables.


The nation is very rich with an amount of $84,815.41 usd per capital. In Switzerland Swiss franc dollars are used worth $0.97 in the USA. The main exports in Switzerland are gold, packaged medicament,human/animal blood, base watches, precious metal watches are sold too. The life expectancy in Switzerland is that people live for about 82.7 years. The birth rate is 10.48 births out of 1000 of the population. Did you know that from the ages 15 and older can read and write, so approximately 99% of the population.


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Imports and Exports

Major trade partners of Switzerland according to CIA reports for 2009, include:

Exports and Imports

Germany 19.7%

Germany 33.3%

US 9.6%

Italy 11%

Italy 8.7%

France 9.4%

France 8.6%

The major imports are Gold and medicine. The major exports are human/animal blood, refined petroleum, watches and medicine.

US 5.8%