Heatsink And Fan

Harry Tame

Heatsink And Fan

Heatsink and fan: This helps the CPU cool and it prevents it from overheating.But sometimes the heatsink itself can become way too hot.This can happen if the CPU is running full capacity for an extended period of time or if the air surrounding the computer is simply too hot

Therefore a fan is often used in combination with the heat sink to keep both the CPU and heatsink at an acceptable temperature. This combination is creatively call

Heatsink transfers thermal energy from a higher temperature device to a lower temperature fluid minimum. The fluid minimum is frequently air, but also can be water, refrigerants or oil. If the fluid minimum is water the heatsink is frequently called called a Cold plate.

The video will show how to install the cpu and removing the heatsink.

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Remove Heat sink intel heatsink install proper way, How to remove CPU Fan Intel