Say " Yes " to Women Empowerment

you can because you're a human before a woman

Women's rights

Women are facing legal discrimination in every aspect of their life specifically married women they are prohibited from voting or holding public office, owning land, sign a contract, draft a will or even sue without her husband's permission. Not just that, doors of most professions were closed for women with the exception of teaching and writing because they had less access to higher education. Legal status of women is essentially that of a white child or black slave.

Women are constantly trying to make American society a better place by taking part in temperance and supporting the abolition of slavery, but their voices are often left unheard because their voice lack power and I assure that the day women will be granted equal rights that same day they'll gain power as well.

We believe that women are the same as men and so they should have access to higher education, political power (suffrage), religious leadership/ power,right to own property, divorce and custody of their children after divorce just like men do.

In order to achieve our goal we will sign petitions, host conventions in different places to aware all women to stand up for their rights, and will speak in public events to spread the word of our movement and to tell the world how important women equality and empowerment is to make our society stronger.

Why and How??

Your help is the foundation

So here I urge you to contribute to our cause so we could help women fight for their rights, by empowering them and giving them the confidence that they have the capability to stand up for themselves and for all that are being mistreated in their society so they make America a better place. You're not just donating, you're also investing for a bright American future.

Donors hold a great value for us because they provide us resources to fight for our cause and so we strongly believe that we should give our donors something more than the honor they deserve. People who donate a LARGE amount of money will be able to have logo of their business on our banners, they will be invited as the chief guests in all the convention and on top of that the members of our organization will volunteer in their factories for at least 40 hours a month, people who donate a GOOD amount of money will have the opportunity to have their logo on our banners and will be invited to all the conventions held by our organization and the people who will donate a small amount of money will be able to have the logos of their business printed on all of our advertising banners.

Besides holding conventions and signing petitions we promote our cause on social media as well. We have a very active facebook page and website which updated on daily basis, besides that we have a QR code on our supporters products which include a bunch of personal care, cleaning and clothing brands. Our QR code has a video that highlights the daily struggle of women in our society and how they be prevented if only all us come together and support each other.

I ask you to take a moment think that if women don't have access to proper education and the right to be aware of their political surroundings how would they raise the future voters to be wise and aware enough to make the best decisions for themselves and their society.

If women vote, the value of men's vote will decrease tremendously.

I belive in women


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