Appmazing Race

How far can you go?

Collaborative Learning

A great way to increase collaboration and learning.

Group Challenge

1. CREATE – A logo and team name for your team

2. LISTEN – Create a 15-20 second audio podcast that showcases your favorite App. (background music/sound effects for a bonus point).

3. CONNECT – One team member must make a new friend from somewhere else (not on their team) and find 3 things they have in common. Create a Thinglink to represent your new friend and the 3 things you have in common. (Bonus point for finding someone from a different state or country)

4. SNEAK – A team member photo-bombs a person from another team Clarification: A proper photo bomb is when someone sneaks into a photo from behind.

5. CAPTURE – Take 5 selfies with various group members and post to Instagram with hashtag #learningisfun and your team name. Capture all 5 for final submission video. 1 point per selfie.

6. EAT – Create a Canva poster based on your favorite foods.

7. DRAW – Using a drawing app, create your best caricature of another team member.

8. CHALLENGE – Create and post a Vine of a team member asking a presenter a question. (please don’t interrupt a session just for this – that could result in a deduction)

9. OUTREACH – Find a list on to share with your peers

10.SHARE – Document the work your team did and share your final video submission with the class. Your final video must be no longer than 2 minutes.