by Elizabeth and Ian


  • continent- Asia
  • nearest ocean is the Pacific and its closest country is Mongolia
  • capital is Baijing major city Nanjing
  • size is 3.705 million
  • landforms- red flame, the colorful bank, colorful rock formation
  • They have 12 percent of the worlds mineral resources


  • major industries like mining, coal, iron, and steel
  • one of the biggest traders in the world they trade electrical and machinery
  • the currency in china is Renminbi


  • communist
  • Xi Jingping is the head of the government
  • military is called People's Liberation Army 2,285,000
  • Since the 1980s under Deng Xiaoping, Beijing has said it pursues an “independent foreign policy of peace” under which China’s “fundamental” foreign policy goals are: • “To preserve China’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” and • “To create a favorable international environment for China’s reform and opening up and modernization.”


  • china has fought hundreds of wars
  • Early Chinese explorers such as Admiral Zheng He sailed all the way to Africa
  • Korean War (1950–1953)
  • The Chinese Civil War
  • Sino-Indian War (1962)

Social structure

  • Brahmins, Kshatriyas, vaisyas, Sudras, Pariah is the class system
  • religion is taoism, confucianism, islam, and christianity
  • Ethnic groups -Zhuang,Uyghur,Hui,Manchu, MIao, YI, Yao
  • life expectancy- 75 years
  • Language- Mandarin and Taiwanese
  • Education- is a state run system of public education run by the ministry of education.