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Wish List Items

  • cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, oatmeal containers, paper towel holders, plastic cups, coffee filters, plain white cheap kind of paper plates, aluminum foil, clear scotch tape, clear packing tape, regular duck tape
  • Johnson and Johnson fast setting plaster bandages (3in rolls that dry in 5min.) 12-15 boxes
  • snacks!!!
  • paper towels (we are out)
  • tissues (almost out)
  • hand soap

Week of Sept. 22nd


  • This week, the students will have their second choice board due on Friday. They have their boards glued in their Reading Scrapbooks and should mark the choice off once they have used it. They know they should complete this in their Reading Scrapbooks. If they have worked ahead, and did not place them in their notebook, they may begin completing those in their Reading Scrapbook next nine weeks. One choice is required per book this nine weeks. Ex. 3 Chapter books = 3 choices from choice board.
  • We have our first Wordly Wise Test over Lesson 1 on Friday. A GREAT online source that makes studying fun is Quizlet. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT OR CREATE YOUR OWN STUDY CARDS! This is the biggest misconception. You can if you want, but I have found that most lessons for my 3rd graders have already been created by someone else!
  • Here is a link to Lesson One's Quizlet:
  • The students will be bringing home science and social studies folders with notes. We will have a quiz on Oct. 3rd, over Australia and some introductory science terms about animals on Friday before Fall Break. A study guide will be sent home tomorrow and the students will be researching and presenting in class research over various parts of Australia's culture, people, food, specific landmarks, etc.
  • The 3rd grade will be working on creating the largest living organism exhibit next week. We need as many items listed on the wish list above that are listed in the first bullet point. This will be for a project based learning activity that will include all concepts learned about the Great Barrier Reef. You may send any items in from now until Tuesday of next week. We will have a Great Barrier Reef Tour next Thursday afternoon for parents from 1:15-2:30. I will send additional info later this week!
  • Our Next Progress Report will go home on Monday, Sept. 29th
  • Our class will be involved with multiple hands-on projects in and outside of the class. I will ask for a variety of items each week. Any items you send are appreciated!!! I listed many of those above. The bandages are for masks we will be making. Thanks in advance!
  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS! We are tentatively scheduled to visit and tour Nissan in April. The max number of people including parents is 60. Since we have 60 people with just children, we are splitting up the trip. I volunteered our class to go first on April 7th. Mark your calendar and more info or changes will be sent closer to time.

PLEASE SIGN AGENDAS EACH NIGHT. This let's me know you have seen what your child has for homework, so we are working as a team helping your child to succeed this year. Thanks so much!

Grandparents Day Lunch

Thursday, Sep. 25th, 11-11:45am

1165 Middle Tennessee Blvd

Murfreesboro, TN