Real Estate Property in Mumbai

Property in Mumbai

Redevelopment market segment

Currently, the Neumec Group has over 30 properties, in different stages of development,spread across some of the most prime locales in the city Each of them boasts of contemporary architecture and aesthetic design. These properties are also well connected to business hubs, schools, hospitals and recreational centers, all in line with our philosophy of Big City Living

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Buying Real estate Property is always a big investment. buying a Luxury Property is a dream. It is therefore important to study the project before you buy. In this section, you will find many tips and complete all phases of your purchase information.

it is important to think through all aspects of buying a house or an apartment, because it engages you for many years. To begin, ask yourself questions before your first real estate property purchase . This will help you understand the different points to consider and guide you to various tips and information on a given topic.

Real Estate Company in the Redevelopment market segment

Today, the Neumec Group is one of the premier names in SRA and dilapidated building redevelopment and is actively pursuing opportunities in the Cluster Development Scheme formulated by the Government.

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So much of Mumbai’s potential is hidden in slums, cess buildings and dilapidated structures. We believe that the future of real estate lies in the redevelopment of these forgotten spaces, and have made this our core focus.