Cityish News Update

Devin M.

Late Spring Break Update

Spring break happened a bit ago but we're going to give you a news story about the experience of spring break in Wisconsin. Spring break wasn't normal in Wisconsin according to a recent illegimiate poll taken by a illegitimate news reporter. "30-50s outside temperatures, very little people seen outside its was like Canada over here!" Says Devin M.

Rising Outdoor Temperatures

Recently, temperatures are going through the roof! 60s, 70s & possibly 80s in the next couple of weeks. This means basketball, football, softball, soccer or baseball, the possibilities are endless! The number of children seen outside has rapidly grown. Remind your children that playing outside is healthy and can be extremely fun. "Outside is fun!" Says Josh G. "I hate outside!" Says Keegan R.

Recess Enjoyment

Teens recently seen playing outside! Whether they are playing football, four square or even just walking around. Taking a break from learning, reading and problem solving. This is one of the short times where they get to be free, run and shout as loud as they want. "Recess is wonderful!" Said Josh Guntz of Bay View Middle School. "I think we should have recess, like 24/7" said Keegan Rusch of Bay View Middle School.