4th Grade Rats

Written by: Mrs. Glad's 4th Graders

Exciting News!

We have made it through a whole month of school! Students are also over half way to receiving our second classroom celebration.


We have been using the iPads and Chromebooks to practice our math facts.

On Tuesday we had our first Celebration of Knowledge. Our class was rock stars on this assessment.



We are excited about starting our book groups. Book groups are when students are put into a group and read the same book and talk about their thinking.

Students also practiced their partner reading skills. Some of the books they read were: Disgusting Bugs, Make Way for Ducklings and Fairy Tale Comics.

We started a read aloud called Among the Hidden. This book is about a boy named Luke and how they have three kids in a society that only allows families to have two. Luke is the third child in the family and lives his life in hiding.

We have also been focusing on sticking to a book. This has been a goal for everyone in our classroom, including Mrs. Glad.

Another skill students are learning while they read is to take notes in their Reading Thinking Journals and on Post-it's. Some examples of Thinking Journal entries are: "I Wonder" questions, connections to the text, character traits, and a summary of the text.


Students are becoming authors of fictional narratives. They are working on developing stories with strong characters. We have been working on creating characters with strong traits, such as: creative, bashful, positive, prepared, unique, and humongous.

Students have been working on chunking words to spell them correctly. This strategy has been very helpful to many students in our classroom.

Students are excited to be finishing up their pen pal letters. We will hopefully be sending these out this weekend.


In science students are learning about electricity.

Students have conducted multiple experiments this week. First they had to "Save Fred" a worm whose boat flipped over. Another experiment you had to do was determine how many ways they could create a complete circuit using a light bulb, battery and wire. Students are developing a passion for Electricity! Students used GIGANTIC Post-it notes to demonstrate their knowledge of how a circuit works.

Today they will be learning about how a light bulb is made and the parts of a light bulb.

Carl Traeger Online Book Fair

Friday, Sep. 25th, 8am to Friday, Oct. 2nd, 10am

This is an online event.

Did you miss out on the book fair? You're in luck. There is an online book fair happening now until October 2nd.

Click this link to visit the online book fair: http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/homepage/carltraegerelementary