Surviving in Canada Tips

By Kylia Canty

Do not panic

* I choose this because for most people the first thing that they normally do is panic if there in a situation and this tip is telling people how not panicking can help.

* It will help you because you can learn to stay calm and think of ways to help yourself survive

Look for shelter

* I choose this because you have to find somewhere safe to lay your head down wheather its indoors , outdoors , on a bed , or on a rock

* This will help you because when it gets dark animals come and critters come and you have to try to get away from that because if not you will most likely be dead the next day

Survival planning

* I choose this because you have to know what to do each day that your stranded

* This will help you by making things easier on you so that you wont worry about what you will be doing while standed

teach yourself how to make bridges

* I choose this because if you just walk through the water anything could be in the water and attack you

* This will help you because it will be more safe and it teaches you how to make things from nature

Making a fire once you find a destinstion

* I choose this because it could help in many ways and can be used in many ways too

* I think it will help because fire cook your meals, they help signal for help and they are very useful if you are stuck

When you are signaling for help you have to be loud and aggresive

* I choose this because I took a flash back to when I was watching some movies and the actor/actress was being quiet and to me I think that you have to think big and be loud to be able to be rescued

* It will help because the more loud and aggresive you are the more likely and quicker you will be rescued

Go with your gutt

* I choose this because it is true. If you do not think what your about to do or eat is good for you then you should not not go with your gutt

* It will help because it will make you feel more confident in a way and its a saying that I'v heard people say and it's that your gutt is always

If you find water always boil it before you drink it

* I choose this because it could kill you if you don't do this and to me I think that it would suck to die in the forests of Canada

* It will help because 1. you wont die and 2. it cleans the water

p.s. just because water looks nice and clean it has a 99% chance that it is really dirty

When you are walking mark some trees with some thing to help yourself out

* I choose this because eventually you will leave the spot you planned to stay at so to make it easier for you to get back you could mark a couple of spots

* It will help cause it makes it easier to get back where you came from if you decied to wonder/walk off

Stay in one spot

* I choose this because it is safer to stay in one spot

* It will help because 1.its safer and 2. you wont have to travel much