Chic-Fil-A Uses Fake Chicken!

Artificial Meat

Be careful of what you put in your mouth, especially if you're eating at chic-fil-a! Recently it was discovered that they use artificial products to make their food, many people have already gotten sick from it. Most of it was being imported from local H.E.B's. If you plan to go there I suggest you order a salad, most of it has been removed, but be wary of it when you take a bite.

Deaths Caused By Chic_Fil_A!

The Spread Starts

Chic_Fil_A, a popular fast food establishment has been shut down due to the product inside the chicken. This isn't just effecting Chic_Fil_A, some other franchises like raising Canes is starting to lose business, most people are starting to believe that the disease is starting to spread.

Chicken Boycott

Due to the disease that put Chic_Fil_A out of business, the people have boycotted chicken as a whole! Riots have broke out in front of different franchises, people have protested to have them shut down.

The Research Begins

The Health Inspection Agency started to conduct a search to see what was causing all of the sickness and death from the food. They discovered that it contained E Coli. It turned out to be the water that they used to wash off the chicken, the water was infected with E Coli.
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Re-Construction of Chic_Fil_A

After finding out the reason behind the deaths of the chicken, they replaced all water supply and tested the water to make sure it didn't contain any disease, they reopened in the year 2016. and to this day Chic_Fil_A is still going strong.
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