Solar Energy

By Engin Keles 5S

What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is the energy that comes from the Suns Heat and Light. For Example sometimes people use solar energy to have a shower. How they use it is by using Solar Panels the Suns heat and light goes into the Solar panels and you can have a warm shower. You can also use Solar Energy to Dry food.

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Why should we use this type of sustainable energy?

We should use this type of sustainable energy because it is basically heat from the Sun and is better than any other because it's safe. I think that Solar Energy is better than Hydro energy because it doesn't waste water. All things on Earth depends on the sun.

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How Solar Works

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Panels go on the top of your roof and the Suns heat and light goes into the Solar Panels then the Solar Panels Convert the heat and light in to DC Current or Direct Current

then there is something called inverter it gets the DC Current and converts it into the one you use at home AC or Alternative Current and if the solar energy is higher than your actual electricity the solar energy goes back to the Actual electricity and you will get a cheaper bill.

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