Christmas in Italy

Vanessa Sutherland

How do they celabrate Christmas in Italy?

Did you know nativity scenes are originated from Italy?

Also in Rome they shoot cannons from the Castel ST. Angelo.

In Italy gifts are exchanged on January 6th. The Christmas season goes for 3 weeks , December 17 through January 6.

The children sing and do poems. There presents are delivered by an ugly witch called Befana. She delivers the gifts on a broomstick. Also they eat a fruit candied filled cake. They eat a meatless dinner in Italy .

Finally they have a squared Christmas tree.

More Facts:

Shepards come into the town and go house-to-house playing bagpipes and singing carols.

Christmas day is reserved for church, family, and feasting.

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Even more facts!!

In Italy they put up decorations and fairy lights. Just like some people do here.They also have Christmas diner at midnight.Did you know that they burn up Yule wood until New Years ! That is really exciting!
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