Sodium Na

A alkali Metal is highly reactive metal

Sodium What is it and how works ?

shares with the other six elements in that column that it has a single electron in its outer shell, which it readily donates, creating a positively charged atomSodium is the sixth most abundant element in the Earth's crust

What sodium has ?

Sodium is a chemical element with symbol Na and atomic number 11. It is a soft, silver-white, highly reactive metal

    Symbol: Na

    Formula: Na

    Molar mass: 22.9898 g/mol

    Atomic number: 11

    Electron configuration: [Ne] 3s1

How we use sodium ?

Sodium vapor is used in streetlights and produces a brilliant yellow light. Sodium also forms many useful compounds. Some of the most common are: table salt (NaCl), soda ash (Na2CO3), baking soda (NaHCO3), caustic soda (NaOH), Chile saltpeter (NaNO3) and borax (Na2B4O. 10H2O).