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The week of May 30-June 3


Carter Mantra

"Every Scholar, Every Day, NO EXCUSES!"

Carter Coalition Mission

The Carter Coalition is committed to working collaboratively in leading the transformation needed for continuous academic success and equity for ALL scholars. We will work with parents and stakeholders to foster productive relationships to ensure ALL scholars are college and career ready!

Carter Coaliton Leverage Points


The latest TEI NEWS FOR PRINCIPALS email was very informative as it outlined all of the requirements needed in order to complete teacher extended observations. I also emailed this document to you along with your latest SPOT observation progress. Please take the time to read and internalize the information so that you can be on track to meet all TEI deadlines.

May 23-June 6 will be the teacher rebuttal window in oracle for summative performance evaluations.

June 2 is the last day to conduct spot observations and the last day to hold the summative conferences.

June 10 (5pm) Last day for principals to act on rosters submitted by teachers through the TEI Roster verification.

News for Teachers Important Dates:

June 2- Last day to conduct spot observations

June 2- Last day to hold summative conferences

Evaluation Instrument Milestones for Administators

Milestone 3: By June 3rd, complete 3R

  • Enter evaluation in Oracle
  • Complete summative conference

Milestone 4: APEI data entry and conference

  • Enter APEI evolution by June 9th
  • Complete conference by June 14th

Dallas ISD News

Dallas ISD New Evaluation System for Central Staff

June 3rd - Campus Non-Instructional: 3R
3R forms, Oracle entry instructions, and drop off information can be accessed here:

June 3rd - Librarians/Media Specialists: LPDAS
Librarian Appraisal 2015-2016 form can be accessed here:

June 9th - Assistant Principal: APEI
Google form can be accessed here:

Please see attached pdf for all your appraisal milestones and submission information.

Submitting signed evaluation documents: During June Principal Meeting, we will be on site to collect signed 3R, LPDAS, APEI, and SCEI forms.

Dallas ISD Communications

Gene Davis from Dallas ISD Communications is the Hub Editor for Dallas ISD. Gene has reached out to all the feeder patterns and would like to personally pass along the latest edition of This Week in Dallas ISD. This is a weekly recap of some of the great things that happened across the district.

If you have any great campus news that you would like to share with Dallas ISD, please feel free to contact Gene Davis at 972-925-3958 or by email at

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Monday, May 30, 2016


Tuesday, May 30, 2016

  • Unscheduled Camps visits
  • Action Planning meeting @ 10:00
  • Collegiate Construction meeting @ Haskell-1:30- (Ms. Torres)

Wednesday, June 1,, 2016

  • Unscheduled Campus visits
  • North Texas ECHS Consortium Summer Workshop 2016-Ms. Torres-10:00-3:00
  • Monthly Principals Focus Group Meeting @ Haskell-4:00 pm presentation( Ms. Torres/Ms. Portley)

Thursday June 3,, 2016

  • Report Cards Issued- End of the six weeks
  • Unscheduled campus visits
  • Office visit@ 1:00-(Ms. Torres)

Friday, June 4, 2016

  • School Leadership Meeting 8:15-10:15 @ Haskell (Ms. Torres)
  • Collegiate Academy Meeting w/Mr. Cordero @ Haskell 10:30-12:30 (Ms. Torres)
  • AASI Leadership Team Meeting @ 1:00-3:00-(Ms. Torres, Mr. Luna, Ms. Rice, and Student Advocates)

NEWS YOU CAN USE.................


1-Parent Survey Available

6-Four day work week begins

9-Systems Review Meeting #1 Ends

13-Systems Review Meeting #2 Begins

13-16-PBL Conference in Nappa Valley, California-AASI campuses

23- Campus Action Plan Hard copy due to Mrs. Torres

23-Systems Review Meeting #2 Ends

27-Feeder Pattern Action plan due to school leadership


4-Four work day week ends

8-Five day work week begins

**Date to be determined-Carter Coalition Retreat-Location TBD-9:30-5:00 (ALL Principals & AF's)

3-5 Cadre Training Topics for Cohort II (Elementary Principals ONLY)

Wednesday, June 1 @ Nolan Estes

*All Training Sessions will be from 2:00-5:00PM- Send Literacy Coach and 2 strong teachers who can deliver the PD to your staff successfully*

HB 1842 Rollout- 2016 Timeline Update

Please take note of the following 2016 dates for the required development of a Turnaround Plan for Improvement Required 2,3,4,5 campuses:

  • June 1, 2016: Board Approval of Turnaround Plans no later than June 1.

  • June 15, 2016: Commissioner Approval of School Turnaround Plans.



2-ACP (Grades 6-12) ends

Achieve 3000 Feeder Update

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Carter Coalition Kudos

Dr. Tererai Trent visited Mark Twain and Adelle Turner girl students

Dr. Tererai Trent is author of the book, "The Girl Who Buried Her Dreams in a Can". Dr. Trent visited the girls from Mark Twain and Adelle Turner and wants to inspire children to start thinking about their dreams rather than thinking of dreams when they are already adults. As part of the reading, the girls had the opportunity to write their own dreams down and place them in a can gifted along with a copy of Dr. Trent's book in order to help them develop their own goals. What a great experience for our students!

Birdie Alexander Orchestra

Carter Collegiate Academy

The Rising 9th graders that have been accepted into the Carter Collegiate Academy attended their Cedar Valley College Application Make-up Night. The sessions were led by Mr. Matthews, Jr. Academy Principal, Ms. Kenisha Mobley, Academy Counselor, Mr. Robert Munoz, Carter HS counselor and Ms. Carol Wright, Cedar Valley Community Representative. CCA ALL THE WAY!!

Carter High School Recognitions

Arionna Clark, a student at Carter High School in the State Champion in HAIR and DESGIN in UIL competition. Arionna competed among 700 other students. Carter High School is very proud!

Taya Haynes, a student at Carter High School is now ranked the fifth best poetry interpreted in the state of Texas! This is Taya's first year competing and beat 2 previously state champions. This is Carter High Schools first state Poetry finalist in over 15 years. Great Job Taya!

John Leslie Patton Academic Center

Congratulations to John L. Patton students for receiving over a million dollars in scholarships/aid for college! What a great accomplishment!


Carter Coalition,

As we come to the close of the last week of our academic school year with our staff and students, please ensure that you review the safety plans for the last days of schools to ensure that all students are leaving the campus safely. Ensure that you can account for each and every student for elementary campuses.

Know that I have truly enjoyed serving each and every one of you in the Carter Feeder. It has truly been one magical ride this year.

Let's close the last week of school safe, orderly and calm.

Have a wonderful last week of instruction. Remember instruction occurs until the last day of school.

Ms. Torres

Carter Coalition Executive Director

Marshall Memo #638

Strategic Planning 101

In this District Management Journal article, John J-H Kim and Kriti Parashar describe the strategic planning process they have developed working with numerous school districts:

  • Mission and vision – Long-term district aspirations;

  • Theory of action – Fundamental beliefs about what will lead to long-term success;

  • Priorities – Broad areas of focus to support the theory of action;

  • Measurable goals – Specific and measurable targets related to district priorities;

  • Initiatives – Projects related to priorities to achieve the measurable goals;

  • Action steps – An articulation of what steps need to occur, by when, and by whom.

    Kim and Parashar conclude with ten mistakes to avoid in the strategic planning process:

    • Don’t start without first gaining a clear, fact-based understanding of the district’s current strengths and challenges.

    • Don’t draft a plan that skims the surface: address the root causes by asking Why five times to get at the underlying issues.

    • Don’t shortchange developing a cogent theory of action. “The strongest theories of action are focused, easily understood by virtually all district stakeholders, and guide critical tasks and workflows, organizational arrangement, and culture in the district,” say the authors.

    • Don’t treat every idea as a good idea; develop a list of fewer than five high-impact priorities. “Manage expectations that not all ideas may find their place in the final plan,” say Kim and Parashar.

    • Don’t forget to include specific, measurable action plans. This includes the roles and responsibilities of school and central staff, key milestones, and necessary budget shifts.

    • Don’t forget to include many parts of the organization, not just academics. Although student achievement is the ultimate outcome, other departments such as finance, human resources, and operations play key roles.

    • Don’t just engage in open-ended discussions with stakeholders about their concerns and hopes. Elicit specific, actionable feedback on a draft of the strategic plan.

    • Don’t forget to include lagging (output-oriented) as well as leading (input-oriented) metrics to track progress.

    • Don’t just layer new initiatives on top of existing ones. “Seek to leverage and build upon the work being done in the district and create a coherent and aligned approach to moving the work forward,” say the authors.

• Don’t forget to establish clear implementation and monitoring processes. “Effective implementation requires detailed planning and communication, cultivation of leadership capacity, and the analytics to monitor progress,” conclude Kim and Parashar. “The implementation plan and monitoring process must also be tailored to the district’s strengths, weaknesses, and available resources.”
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  • David W. Carter High School: Principal, Fred Davis III
  • John L. Patton Academic Center: Principal, Leslie Swann
  • STEAM Hulcy Middle School: Principal, Jonica Crowder-Lockwood
  • William H. Atwell Law Academy: Principal, Selena Deboskie
  • Barbara Manns Education Center: Principal, LeTrice Portley
  • Ronald McNair Elementary: Principal, Ariss Rider
  • T. G. Terry Elementary: Principal, Alicia Bradley
  • Birdie Alexander Elementary: Principal, Valarie Kendrick
  • Mark Twain Vanguard: Principal, Derrick Ross
  • Adelle Turner Elementary: Principal, Michael Nickson
  • Martin Weiss Elementary: Principal, Shundra Brown


Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement.

Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic achievement.

There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.

At risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at-risk students.

Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.