Digital Storytelling

Who's telling your story?

Why should you be telling your story?

Stan McMichael


What's your brand? How do you think this type of video would effect your brand or image as a school, as a community, as a learner?

You write the script!

Storytelling is as old as cave paintings. Research tells us it's stories are actually what we remember because of the areas of the brain that are activated. You can create a message or preception through good storytelling. Stories are how we

understand things.” In addition to building understanding, framing messages in the context of a story makes them relatable and memorable. Stories provide contextual

glue that makes key messages stick.

Best Nike Find Your Greatness Commercial - The Jogger

Why put on a pair of Nike's?

This commercial did not discuss the product at all. It is inspiring you to do something, find your "Greatness" and when you do you may use their product. They made 7.4 billion dollars in the first half of this year, up 11% with good storytelling.
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10 Principles

1. The Overall Purpose of the Story

2. The Narrator’s Point of View

3. A Dramatic Question or Questions

4. The Choice of Content

5. Clarity of Voice

6. Pacing of the Narrative

7. Use of a Meaningful Audio Soundtrack

8. Quality of the Images, Video & other Multimedia Elements

9. Economy of the Story Detail

10. Good Grammar and Language Usage
7 Elements in 4 Minutes
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