Beast and Monsters (report)

By: Grace Voegele

Book by: Anthony Harowitz

born 5 April 1955 is a novelist and screenwriter specialising in mystery and suspense. His work for young adult readers includes The Diamond Brothers series, the Alex Rider series, and The Power of Five series (aka The Gatekeepers). His work for adults includes the novel and play Mindgame (2001), and two Sherlock Holmes, The House of Silk (2011) and Morinty (2014).

Beast and Monsters

This book has five different short stories in it. The Riddle of the Sphinx, The Incredible spotted egg, The dragon of Saint George, The washer at the Ford, The Gergon's Head, and Ten Terrible Beast and Amazing Monsters you Might not have heard of.

The Washer at the Ford

The forth story is about the preparation of a battle and then the battle its self. There was a darkness that had shunned upon a city before they went to battle. That darkness was caused by the Washer of the cloths

The Gorgon's Head

The fifth and final story is about a small island ruled by a king named Polydectes. On this island was a evil woman with hair made from snakes her name was Madusa. If she looked into your eyes you would turn to stone. The only way to kill her was to cut off her head.
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