St. Paul Bulletin

St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - Nov. 15, 2012

Inspirational Quote of the Week

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.”


11-20-12 Grades K-3 (3) 8:15

11-27-12 Grades K-3 (K) 8:15

11-28-12 Grades 4-6 (5) 8:15

11-29-12 Grades 7-8 (8) 8:15

11-30-12 All School Mass (2) 8:15

Please attend the Mass of your choice

Saturday or Sunday

Important Dates

17 – Saturday Ye Old Madrigal Feast 7:00 P.M.

18 – Saturday Ye Old Madrigal Feast 7:00 P.M.
20 – Tuesday Report Cards Sent Home
21 – Wednesday No School
22 – Thursday Thanksgiving Day (No School)
23 – Friday No School

25 – Sunday Chicken Dinner 11:30 A.M.

“Thanksreading” in the Library

On Wednesday and Thursday, prayer partners came to the library to share Thanksgiving stories. The Pre-k and Kindergarten classes were able to choose books about Thanksgiving and their 8th and 7th grade prayer partners read to them. The prayer partners discussed the things that they were thankful for during this holiday season. They were then able to decorate an “I am thankful for my prayer partner” certificate. This was an enjoyable experience for both classes. It is heartwarming to see our students share experiences with reading.

Mrs. Trusty

Welcome New Students

We are pleased to announce that we enrolled 2 new students in our St. Paul Family this week. They are Cameron White (grade 7) and Brooke White (grade 5). Their first day was Thursday, 11-15-12. The family is originally from Louisville but moved to South Carolina for Brian’s (Dad) job. He has been relocated in Louisville with Conway Trucking.

Please welcome the family by e-mailing their mother-Crystal at (Click on e-mail to send message)

Christmas Play Rehearsals

After Thanksgiving break, here is the schedule:
Tuesday, Nov. 27 - Narrator, Prophets, Townspersons, Gabriel, Mary, Joseph
Thursday, Nov. 29 - Narrator, Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, Caesar Augustus, Roman Soldier
Tuesday, Dec.3 - Narrator, Mary Joseph, Gabriel, Shepherds, Wisemen, Star of Bethlehem
Thurs. Dec. 5 - All cast
Tues. Dec. 10 - All cast
Thurs. Dec. 12 - All cast
Any further rehearsals will be announced in a week or two. Thanks,Mrs. Lambert


Any student or parishioner in grades Pre-K through 2nd grade that is interested in playing basketball, please sign up on the Parish website by November 19th. Please make sure you include the correct size for the shirts. We will be using that information to place our order for the league. Please follow this link to sign up:

This upcoming Saturday, November 17th, 7 of our basketball teams will be participating in a jamboree (practice games) with St. Andrew teams at St. Andrew Academy gym. All the proceeds from that day go to each of their teams taking a name from the Angel Tree for them to buy for. This is a very worthy and admirably cause that St. Andrew has chosen to support and we at St. Paul are very proud to be a part of it. I would like to invite anyone that has the time to stop by if only for a game or so to support this event. I know we have quite a few things going on ourselves at our Parish but any support we could give would be very much appreciated by St. Andrew and myself personally. Following are the times for the games this event:

9:00 A.M. 5&6 "A" Boys vs. St. Paul

10:00A.M. 7&8 "A" Boys vs. St Paul

11:00 A.M. 7&8 "A" Girls vs. St. Paul

12:00 P.M. 3&4 "A" Boys vs. St. Paul

1:00 P.M. 3&4 "A" Girls vs. St. Paul

2:00 P.M. 5&6 "A" Girls vs. St. Paul (5&6 "B" Girls)

3:00 P.M. 3&4 "B" Boys vs. St. Paul

Thank you very much,

Jeff Adams

Common Core Standards

This is the second article in a series of articles that present the importance of adopting Common Core Standards in all schools.

The Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative (CCCII)


“Forty-six states have agreed to adopt the Common Core State Standards, a set of high quality K-12 learning standards that includes rigorous content and application of knowledge using higher-order thinking skills, leading students to college and career readiness. Currently, Catholic schools are assessing what the implications of the standards and accompanying assessments may be for them.

“While Catholic schools have their own local or diocesan standards, their ability to continue to provide high-quality education for their students is compelling them to consider adoption of the common core standards.”

St. Paul School will be impacted as curriculum resources and professional development opportunities become aligned with Common Core State. Maintaining the uniqueness and integrity of our Catholic school will require integrating our mission and the academic expectations of our community and of the archdiocese.

“To assist Catholic schools with enhancing Catholic identity integrated into the curriculum, the [CCCII was] been launched as a collaborative project involving Catholic universities, corporations and sponsors invested in Catholic education, and the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA).”

Integrating our mission and academic expectations is being accomplished in three phases.

Phase 1: “Gathering… experts to pilot a CCCII [English Language Arts] Unit development… [Utilizing] the expertise and strength of experienced and innovative teachers to develop complete units… that join Catholic identity with the Common Core [Standards]… and…to develop supporting resources and guidelines.”

Phase 2: “Revise and refine the unit development, …post units, guidelines, and resources developed in Phase 1. for open access by [all] Catholic educators on the Catholic School Standards Project Website ( .

Phase 3: “Invite participation in development of additional CCCII ELA Units by Catholic educators around the country. Expand exemplar units and Catholic Identity resources available for use by local Catholic schools.”


More information will appear in next week's bulletin.

WHAS Crusade 12 Grant Purchases

St. Paul School will soon receive the following ESSENTIAL SKILLS software from the WHAS Crusade Grant funds for 2012:

  • Spell Master 4
  • Vocabulary Builder 3
  • Numeration Concepts 4
  • Grammar

We will begin using this program for students may be in need of additional resources for learning difficulties in reading or math.

We’d like to thank the WHAS Crusade Grant Board of Directors for the generosity of providing these funds to the Archdiocese of Louisville for the benefit of special needs students.

The total cost of this program for the elementary schools was $18,154.95.

We would also like to thank the SNC Grant committee for recommending this product for the 2012 grant.

Qdoba Goal Achieved

Thanks to all the families who sold Qdoba gift certificates. We made $1800 on this fundraiser.

From the Neighborhood Section of the Courier-Journal – 11/14/12