agriculture = farming

Industrial strength fibers

Spider silk is the strongest fiber know to man

Goats can produce the fiber that is in the spider silk

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Oral Vaccines have been in the works for many years as a possible solution for diseases

* Genetically modified fruits and vegetables are designed to be antigenic

* Plant are used to produce antibiotics for humans and animals

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*techniques are used to create better quality feedstock

*scientist are trying to create Bio-oil bio-diesel bio-ethanol

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Plants and Animals breeding

Enhancing plant and animals traits by traditional methods like cross Pollination,Grafting,Cross breeding is to time consuming biotech is making it faster and easier.
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Pest Resistant Crops

In 1999 controversy emerged over Bt corn because of a study that suggested the pollen migrated onto milkweed where it killed monarch larvae that ate it.
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scientist are creating food that have all the proteins to fight diseases
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antibiotic resistance

20% of the earth is arable land but some crops have genetically altered

to make them more tolerant to these conditions so crops can grow in different places now.

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