Sarah Danielle Kope

March 27th 1992

Who Am I?

My name is Sarah Kope. I am the oldest of seven siblings and the only redhead. I decided stay in my hometown and attend Adrian College in order to remain close to my family. At Adrian I found my home away from home both on the cheer team and in Chi Omega. It is particularly in Chi Omega that I find fullfillment. As a Chi Omega I have the honor of raising funds to grant the wish of a make a wish child.

I am a person who enjoys helping others. I believe that is why I wanted to become a teacher. Growing up, I had a few teachers that truly inspired me and showed me that there is more to life than what issues you may be going through at home. I was taught that education is your "way out" and if you want to be successful in life, you need to work hard in school. Thus, my major is Language Arts, with a minor of Elementary Education. I hope to be that teacher that inspires students to reach higher and go further.

I should benefit greatly from "Essentials of Music for Elementary Teachers" since my musical background isnt that impressive. Frankly, I have little experience compared to others. As an elementary student I was a member of the kids chior at church, and in middle school I attempted band. Those two activities are the extent of my musical background.