Personal Finance

Preparing Students for Real Life


This course is designed to prepare students to manage money and use math in everyday life. The course will be following Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance, as well as Personal Finance by Seth Hunter as a guideline for our study. Topics covered include: reasons for saving and investing money, the dangers and myths of debt and consumer awareness, financial responsibilities and money management, career choices and employment taxes, and mortgages and insurance. In this course, math is applied to real life situations that students will face as they leave high school.


  • Arrive to class before the bell rings
  • Do your best work, using the whole class period to complete your work
  • Connect with the material
  • Use considerate language and communicate appropriately
  • Bring necessary materials
  • Allow for differences and respect others


Helpful Links:

Daily Assignments:

December 4

Chapter 6 Test

Radio Call: Avoiding an Explosion

December 3

Pages 138-143

Chapter 6 Case Studies

November 30

Journal pg 137 (due in class)

Opportunity Cost

November 29

Journal pg 135 (due in class)

Impact of Daily Decisions

November 28

Journal pg 134 (due in class)

The Cost of Cool

November 27

Journal bottom page 133 (due in class)
Marketing Madness

November 20

Journal top of page 133 (due in class)

0% for 24 Months, Nothing Down

November 19

Journal pg 131 (due in class)

Commercial Viewer

November 16

Chapter 5 test

Radio Call: Financial Decisions for College

November 15

November 14

November 13

November 12

November 9

Work day

November 8

Journal 107

Beware and Be Wise

November 7

November 6

Money matters: know the lingo

November 5

Chapter 4 test

Radio Call: Can't make the minimums

November 2

Chapter 4 Case Studies

Book pages 96-99

November 1

Journal page 95 (due in class)

Debt Snowball

October 31

Journal pg 86 (due in class)

Making the Minimum (due in class)

October 29

Journal pg 91 (due in class)

Debunking the Credit Myth

October 26

Journal 89 (due in class)

Rent to Own

October 25

Work day

October 24

Journal pg 87 (due in class)

Drive Free

October 23

Journal pg 83 (due in class)

The True Cost of Ownership

October 22

Journal pg 81 (due in class)

Realities of Cash Advances

October 19

Journal pg 77 (due in class)

Hidden Cost of Credit

October 18

October 16

Chapter 3 Case Studies

Workbook pages 68-71

October 12

Journal page 65 (due in class)

Budgeting Three Different Income Levels

October 9

Journal 63

The Student Budget

October 8

Balancing Your Checking Account (due at the end of class)

October 5

Journal page 60 (due in class)

How to Manage Your Checking Account

October 4

Journal page 51 (due in class)

Journal page 53 (due in class)

October 3

Compound Interest Project

October 2

Chapter 2 test

Radio Call: Law school without debt?

October 1


Chapter 2 Case Studies

Chapter 2 review

September 28

Work Day

September 27

Journal pg 43 (due in class)

Saving: A way to build wealth

September 26

September 25

Quick Read: Millionaire Myth Busters

Journal page 39 (due in class)

Rate of Return

September 24

Quick Read: Expect the Unexpected

Journal page 38 (due in class)

Sinking Fund Savings

September 21

September 20

Journal Question pg 35 (due in class)

September 19

September 18

Chapter Summary (pages 24-25)

Chapter 1 Case Studies

Money in Review (pages 26-27)

September 14

Journal Question Page 23 (due in class)

What is Personal Finance?

September 12

Journal Question page 20 (due in class)

History of Credit in America

September 11

Journal Question page 11 (due in class)

Game of Chance

September 10

Parent Interview (due Thursday)

May 11

Pay Day

Pay Bills


Final Exam Review

May 10

Work Day

May 9

Work day

May 7

Unit 13 Test

Party Budget A & B

May 1

Guest Speaker: Investing

April 27

Unit 12 Test

Pay day

Pay bills


April 20

Unit 11 Test

Pay Day

Pay Bills


April 19

Work Day

April 18

Guest Speaker: Insurance

April 10

April 9

Chapter 9 test

Pay Day

Pay Bills


March 23

Chapter 8 Test

Pay Day

Pay Bills


March 22

Work Day

March 21

Work Day

March 16

Pay Day

Pay Bills


March 15

Work Day

March 9

Pay Day

Pay Bills


March 8

Work Day

March 6

March 5

Pay Day

Pay Bills


March 2

Work Day

February 27

February 26

February 23

Pay Day

Pay Bills


February 22

February 20

February 13

Pay Day

Pay Bills

February 12

Guest Speaker - banking

February 6

February 2

Work day

February 1

Work Day

January 26

Test - Unit 2

Work on assignments

Interview for jobs

January 25

Work on assignments

Interview for jobs

January 24

Vehicle Fuel Costs A & B

Project 2.1 Get your bills - due Monday, February 5th

Interview for jobs

January 18

Time Cards

January 17

Introduction to the course

January 16

Semester 2 pre-test

January 11

Exam part 2

January 10

Exam part 1

January 9

Final Exam Preparation

January 8

Final exam preparation

January 5

Reading a Pay Stub

Filing Your Taxes
(students received these on Thursday in the event we did not have school on Friday)

January 4

January 3

Journal Top 237

Interview Practice

December 21

December 19

December 18

Journal 217

Roommates and Money

December 15

Journal 214

Creative Debating

December 13

Journal 213

Back Then

December 12

Chapter 9 Test

RC: Cut the Health Insurance?

December 8

December 7

Journal page 201 (due in class)

What's with the will?

December 6

Journal page 199 (due in class)

What insurance policies are needed?

December 5

Journal page 196 (due in class)

Auto Liability Limits

Health Plan Overview

December 4

Chapter 8 test

Radio Call: Anxious Security Gland

November 29

Journal page 179 (due in class)

Funding 401ks and Roth IRAs

November 27

November 21

Journal page 175 (due in class)

My Roth IRA

November 20

Journal page 170 (due in class)

Reading a Prospectus

November 17

Journal page 167 (due in class)

Individual Fund Tracker

November 16

Chapter 7 test

Radio Call: How to prioritize family debt

November 15

November 14

November 13

Journal page 155 (due in class)

Computing Discounts

November 10

Journal page 152 (due in class)

The Seven Basics of Negotiating

November 9

Journal page 150 (due in class)

Double Discount

November 8

Journal page 149 (due in class)

Food For Thought

November 7

Journal page 147 (due in class)

Journal page 148 (due in class)

August 24

May 24

Final Exam Short Answer Portion

May 22, 23

Final Exam Review

August 30

3 Million Jobs notes