Human Impact On The Oceans

By Violet Orupabo & Adrian Gonzales

Positive Human Impacts

Negative Human Impacts

Oil Spills

Spills that are created from the shipping boats or oil rigs that goes in the water. It creates proplems for marine life by killing them, land animals, destroying their plants, and destroying shorelines and beaches. The BP in the Gulf of Mexico broke its drill and created massive destruction in 2013 killing thousands of animals and destroying half the Gulf of Mexico.
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Its when we people fish to many fish before the can repopulate. If we keep overfish we could get the fish pollasion extent. The fishermen are fishing so many fish that they are going tards the artic to cach fish.

Chemicals used on laws and fields

Its when we use chemicals like fertilizer or land fields to put our trash and it goes in our ground water. it will go into the water shed to pollutes the water. farmers use chemicals for the crops to goes food and it pollutes the watershed.
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