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March 6, 2014

Amazing things are happening - Intervention!

Did you know? NP3 didn't always have an Intervention period, there used to be an activity period instead! NP3 found so much value in addressing varying student learning needs, they decided to implement a period dedicated to elective focuses and intervention needs, thus the Enrichment/Intervention period was born.

What is the meaning behind our Intervention period and why is it so important to implement? According to Mike Mattos, Response to Intervention guru, the goal is "to create a systematic process that ensures every child receives the additional time and support needed to learn at high levels." Creating interventions for students means it is a priority for us to put systems in place to ensure learning happens, even if it's beyond the core program. This means NP3 provides supplemental interventions, intensive interventions, what targeted students need or what individual students need. Interventions are not viewed as a negative consequence, but as an opportunity to receive targeted instruction to meet the needs of every learner.

What happens in Intervention anyway? Intervention is always changing and evolving based on the needs of the students, as determined by student data. The Intervention team meets once per week to review student data and the essential standards that need to be targeted for proficiency. The Intervention team also reviews student work to determine what kind of support they would benefit from and discusses the instruction that took place the first go around, so as to ensure a varied approach for the 2nd go around. NP3 uses supplemental resources, instructional strategies, small group setting, extended guided practice with current curriculum, and extended time to meet the needs of our learners.

NP3 has done an amazing job with not only implementing Intervention, but striving to reflect and make it the most effective process it can be for our students. Intervention wouldn't be what it is without the work of everyone at NP3 - the essential questions, common assessments and SMART goals are part of what drives the systematic process in which we are all mutually accountable. Way to go Intervention team and Intervention contributors!


Watch the video below on work stations!

Questions to think about when watching the video:

Do you have stations?

If so, did you introduce them in a similar or different way than the video?

If not, what is one station focus you could try to implement?

How might work stations differ from a core classroom to an Intervention classroom?

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

  • Vision Screening! 6th and 8th Sci and PE teachers-Vision screening is March 13th. Please see Outlook or Edwards for details.
  • HWC & Tutoring! This is the last week of tutoring and HWC. Tutoring and HWC will resume the week of April 7th.

  • NP3 Website! Don't forget to keep your website up to date with class and advisory information, announcements. A suggestion: when sending out emails to parents, also include a link directly to your site for parent ease!
  • Advisory Change Fri Mar 7! Advisory will need to include the student universal tools video and discussion.
  • Weeks of Mar 3 and Mar 10! No department meetings.
  • Grading Dates! The last day for grade entry for Quarter 3 is Friday Feb 28th. Team grade entry starts prep Monday March 3rd. Report cards are due Thursday March 6th 4pm.
  • Tentative SBAC Dates! The week of March 31st will include a student computer practice. The week of April 7th will be for 6th grade SBAC. The week of April 14th will be for 7th grade SBAC. The week of April 21st will be for 8th grade SBAC and CST Science and there will be no minimum days. The week of April 28th will be for student make-ups.
  • Dance supervision! Please remember to supervise the March 7th dance if you signed up!
  • Parent conferences! 3rd quarter parent conferences are March 10-14. Conference invites should have gone out!

Share with Advisees:

  • HWC & Tutoring! This is the last week of tutoring and HWC. Tutoring and HWC will resume the week of April 7th.
  • DC Bake Sale! This coming Thursday and Friday to raise money for the 8th grade DC trip.
  • Game Show Rally! Is put on my leadership and will be at lunch in the quad grass area THIS FRIDAY.
  • SBAC Practice! SBAC practice will be the week we return from break, followed by a week of the field test.
  • Cancellation of minimum days! Week of April 21st was scheduled to be minimum days - they have been changed to regular school days from 8am-3pm. This information will also be explained in a parent letter re: SBAC March 12th.
  • Jellybean fundraiser! Put on by student govt-date change to Feb 24-28.
  • Glow in the dark Dance! March 7!!!!!