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Weekly Blog November 9-13th, 2015

Our Story: All Around the Learning Labs

There are signs of fall all around us. Leaves are decorating our sensory tables, gourds are inspiring our art, squirrels have made appearances in the learning labs sparking our writing, Leaf Man continues to be a favorite story and we are excited to create illustrations and our own stories of where leaf man, or in some cases leaf girl, will travel. Like the story says "A Leaf Man has to go where the wind blows". Our rescue pup Valentino is reminding us just how awesome rescuing animals is and we are creating a book titled Adventures of Valentino! We have begun our pet rock project and although we thought that a variety of animals would be made, it seems most students want to replicate their two favorite animals... Stella Bunny and Valentino! Awww we can't blame them!
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Give Back this Month

We are thankful for our beautiful rescues Valentino boy and Stella Girl! They bring so much joy and learning experiences to TerraNichol Academy of The Arts School​.

Give to animals in need by supporting our 4 The Love of Pets Supply and Food Drive. Donations are welcome beginning November 2nd. Visit Nates' Honor to learn about their amazing facility rescuing animals in need from the streets, from negligent homes, and from overcrowded shelters. A beautiful and humbling place to visit and we encourage all of our families to take a day to experience the love given to these animals. To Learn more about Nate's Honor Rescue visit:


To view Nate's Honor Wish List visit the link provided below. You may order through Amazon, bring the items to school or shop for similar items. Help support Animals in Need and Participate in our 4 The Love of Pets Supply Drive!


Supply Drive: we will have a box out front for supplies for Honor Rescue. See information below in this blog for a wish list. Some items you may already have around the house.

They also have an amazon wish list. Please indicate that you are donating from TerraNichol Academy of The Arts. Happy Giving Back!!!


Perfectly Posh Pamper Products will donate all sales and proceeds to be hand delivered to Honor Rescue to continue and aid in the mission to rescue, rehab, care for medically and prepare the animals for a healthy and safe adoption. Perfectly Posh Catalogs went out last Friday in each students school folder. Great affordable holiday gifts or stocking stuffers.

Get your Posh on today and help animals in need! Pamper yourself and those you love while paying it forward to animals in need of a loving fur-ever home!


Checks payable to: Terra Tominelli

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Wild Thing Madness

Oh My! Our little Wild Things have invaded our Rock Room. It seems that they sailed through a day, into the night and into our Rock Room! Many Thanks to Jennifer Arp of Jennifer Arp photography for donating her time to take these awesomely adorable photos! Purchase your child's photo for $10 cash only with all proceeds benefiting our school fundraising campaign for this year! These photos are so cute you may just "Eat them up because you love them so!"

Sneak Preview!


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School Photos

It is almost that time of year for school photos with Jennifer Arp Photography! How lucky we are to have professional photos by a very talented photographer and mommy of Lucas for our school photos. See the order form below if you would like to purchase school photos. All questions please direct to Jennifer Arp.

Date of photos: January 25th!

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Arrival and Dismissal-Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

New Addendum to Parent Handbook Late Fee Pick Up:

Any dismissal late fee pick up Half Day or Full Day including early pick ups.

1:01 Late fee of $25 for the first 5 minutes and $1.00 a minute after.

5:01pm Late Fee of $25 for the first 5 minutes and $1.00 a minute after.

This fee will be due at the time that you pick up your child.

Please email ASAP the school if you will be unavoidably delayed, as sometimes the staff is unable to get to the phone. Please be respectful to the program policies and the teaching team staff. Please be considerate of us and be prompt in picking up your child. A fee will be added as deterrent to lateness.

Arrival and Dismissal

We have had excessive late dismissals and tardiness in the past few weeks.

Friendly Reminder: Please plan time wisely for arrival and dismissal. Continued tardiness and late pick ups interrupt our daily rhythm, planned projects, curriculum and teaching team members. Tardiness and lateness pulls a teaching team member from the learning lab or playscape and is a safety concern. We need our staff with the children at all times. Safety is our first priority. The teaching team members have designated schedules for ratios, family lunch time and nap time. Please respect the staff and our schedules. The Pick up schedules are 11:30am, 1:00pm and 3:30 to 5pm.

End of the day Late pick ups interfere with the teaching teams responsibilities to their families or their children.

If your child is going to be picked up earlier than their scheduled pick up time the options for pick up are 11:30am,1pm Please honor the time that you informed the teaching team of in the parent communication book. The teaching team plans your child's day accordingly as well as the daily rhythm. We want to be flexible with student schedules when parents want to pick up early on a given day however we can't do so when the indicated pick up times are not followed. It makes transitions difficult on the children as well as the teaching team.

If you have extended family who help with pick up or drop off please remind them of the drop off times as well as the pick up times and of the late fee.

Late fees will be enforced and added to the ACH accounts. VPK late fees will be expected to be paid day of tardiness via cash. Please review your parent handbook for late pick up fees.

Excessive tardiness or absents for students participating in the Free VPK Program will be subject to withdrawal of the program. No exceptions.

Remember your teaching team works really hard, comes in early and stays late to plan a loving, caring, enriched learning labs, and exploratory projects on the playscape. Let's all have fun and participate in the daily rhythm of the exciting school days, by following the schedule that you enrolled for at TerraNichol Academy.