Mrs. Malone's second and fourth block classes left the building for a half hour each on December seventeenth without even walking out of the door. The classes, preparing to read Elie Wiesel's Night, were chosen to participate in the Microsoft Skype-a-thon Digital Field Trip series to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ms. Malone found this opportunity on Twitter.

Museum moderator, Chrissy Gregg, provided the information about WW II and lead discussions around the idea of personal and collective responsibility with the students.

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The students had spent some time before hand reading, rereading, and interpreting a 1945 quote from Pastor Martin Niemoller, as seen below. Ms. Gregg had students think about who might be responsible for the Holocaust. They listed their ideas on a graphic organizer on the white board. They discussed their reasons for adding the particular groups or individuals to the organizer. Ms. Gregg questioned them about others who may need to be added, such as the United States of America and other countries in Europe.
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Ms. Malone

Ms. Danielle Malone is a second year English Department teacher at Millville Senior High School. She likes to try new things with her classes and works well with students who have multiple challenges. Ms. Malone is respected by her students and peers.

One of her goals for this school year was to include more technology into her teaching. Ms. Malone states, "I would not feel right pushing kids into the real world without having them have a grasp on how to properly manipulate and use technology to their advantage." One day these students may "be using Skype to interview for a job..."

"I consider both sessions a success! I'm still running on adrenaline of trying something new..."

Ms. Malone and her classes thank Ms. Chrissy Gregg, the World War II Museum in New Orleans, and Microsoft for this opportunity.

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A Tour of the World War II Museum in New Orleans!

After the lesson with Ms. Gregg, she was able to take the students on a short tour of the museum using her iPad and Skype. Congress has named this museum the National World War II Museum. The museum campus is still expanding and will be completed in 2018. It will have a conference center and a hotel when finally finished, but the students got to see a Higgins Boat, a German anti-aircraft gun, and Spitfire.

Student Response

The students were a bit uncomfortable before the lesson started, never having used Skype before this. Yet, when the lesson was over and Ms. Gregg signed off, the student response was interesting. They said they could see more interesting things using Skype. They were amazed at Ms. Gregg's knowledge and interest in the topic. They thought it was a great new experience and they did not have to travel to see something new. Some student quotes included, "I was pleased," "We should do this every day", and "I was glad to have this experience."