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May 2021

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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

Eid Mubarak to you and your families. We wish you all a happy holiday filled with wonderful times with your loved ones.

Ramadan this year has been filled with a number of fun activities at school. Students celebrated Earth Day, listened to teachers and parents reading stories to them, and celebrated poetry in April. Students also participated in the Recitation of the Holy Quran event and in the Good Deeds competition. Their participation can be found on our Instagram page.

After the Eid holiday, students will have a month before the final exams. They should use this time wisely to prepare for the end of the school year. One of the most important behaviors that students are advised to follow is to attend all classes and participate effectively. Many reminders and tips usually drop during the last few weeks. For more advice, kindly read “Good Habits Get Good Grades” and “Reevaluate Your Study Habits” below.

We would like to thank all the parents who communicated to the school positive COVID-19 cases in their household. This helped us report those cases to the relevant health authorities so that better care is given to the ill. We would like to encourage all our parents to always report any COVID-19 cases in their household so that we can ask our teachers to assist the children during those difficult times.

Again we wish you a happy Eid vacation, and I end my message with the following advice:

Stay home, stay safe.

Thanking you for your continued support,

Saleh Jadayel

School Principal

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Thank you to SAIS student, Sophia Rashid Assif Grade 12AA for designing this beautiful Eid card for the newsletter. Sophia also designed the Ramadan card that was shared in the April Newsletter. Her designs are wonderful contributions and displays of creativity.

Important Dates:

  • EID Holiday - May 11th - 13th.
  • Spring MAP Testing Window - May 30th - June 14th
  • Grade 4 Final Arabic Exam will be on June 13th.
  • Grade 4 Final Math Exam will be on June 20th.
  • Grade 4 Final Reading Exam will be on June 23rd.
  • The last day of Term 3 for KG and ES students is June 24th.
  • The last day of Term 3 for MS and HS students is July 1st.
  • KG Virtual Graduation Program will be on Saturday, June 19th at 10:00 a.m.
  • AP Exams May 4th - June 11th the exams are set by subject. Please see the posting below about Advanced Placement.
  • May is Fitness Awareness Month - PE Teachers will be posting challenges for the students throughout the month.

Term 3 Assessment Schedule for ES

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Ramadan Hours for school visits: Sunday to Thursday 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Normal Hours: Sunday to Thursday 2:15 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Eid Holiday

Dear SAIS Community,

Please note that the Eid holidays will be from Tuesday, 11th May 2021 till Thursday, 13th May 2021.

School will recommence on Sunday, 16th May with timings being from 8:00 am to 1:45 pm for Grades 1 - 12 and 8:00 am to 12:15 pm for KG.

School will be closed during these 5 days. This includes the accounts department.

On this occasion, we wish our SAIS community safety, good health and unlimited happiness.

May you and your families be blessed by the grace of Allah.

Eid ul-Fitr Mubarak.
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2021 - 2022 Registration Application

Click the button to complete the form for each child that you are registering.

School Leaders and Adiministrative Professionals' Wellbeing

Administrative Professional's Day was observed on April 29th. The aim of this day is to show our appreciation to all the hard work that the executive assistant to the principal, registrars, receptionists and secretaries do to support our school.

School Principal’s Day was observed on May 1st. We celebrated our Principal and Assistant Principal to recognize all the hard work they do to improve our school.

Promoting an e-Safe School Community

Dear Parents,

As part of the students e-safety awareness, some Cyber safety rules have been added to the lesson protocol. Please remind your children. The teachers will also do the same in the beginning of each lesson.

SAIS Cyber Safety Rules

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Congratulations to the Students of the Month

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Learning Made Fun in Middle School

Many teachers have experienced the challenges of getting students to participate in distance learning. Each day we spend using this learning model makes it that much more difficult. Often, we feel like inventors who need to continuously redesign our work and sometimes we simply start over. Fortunately, we believe that our students can learn anything, as they have always been our first priority.

Therefore, we proudly present a sample of one of our most successful lessons. The lesson was evidence that learning can be fun just as the title of this article reflects. The image attached to this article is of one activity that was completed by grade 7 students as a part of our online drama class. The originality and creativity in the screenshot is credited to the students of 7A.

Currently, we are preparing our very first mock trial. Nothing makes us more excited than to see the final outcome. We promise to share clips of it in next months’ newsletter.

Teaching & Learning in High School

Using Retrieval Practice in HS History and Geography Classes

Students in high school History and Geography have been using ‘retrieval practice’ techniques to help improve retention of learning. Students have been completing short quizzes, matching games and ‘brain-dumps’ on KWL chart on PADLET to outline what they remember about previous learning at the beginning of lessons. Recalling information without referring to Google or the textbook helps the students to remember in the long-term as proven by pedagogical psychologists and educators. The students are enjoying using these engaging, diverse, and fun methods to recall information and improve their learning experience.

Using Bamboozle in HS Psychology Classes

Students in HS will explore a newly discovered platform- Bamboozle in their psychology classes in Term 3. Bamboozle is a game generator platform that could be used to test the students ongoing acquisition of concepts in a fun and interactive way. Questions are hidden behind number scores and students are divided into teams. Upon choosing a number, team members answer a concept related question to gain points for their team.

Get Ready Seniors!

Graduation Updates

This year’s graduation will be virtual as per SPEA’s instructions. SPEA has taken this decision in order to protect the safety of students and their families. The graduation program will be shared through YouTube. We will share the date and the timing once confirmed.

Seniors' Corner

As seniors of 2021, we have found ourselves in a rather unique position this year. Up to this moment, we have not had paper exams, nor been organizers in events; we have not even met each other! This year, we went through tough times, but managed to overcome them. We went through good times and enjoyed every moment of them.

As twins, we were privileged to share feelings and support each other during such times. We have learned to unite our efforts and motivate each other whilst enjoying it almost all the time. This allowed us to invest in ourselves and keep striving for the best. Instead of doubting our actions, we gave each other full courage, as we know that hard work never goes unnoticed.

In our opinion, this senior year was a distinctive experience that no one has gone through before and has certainly prepared us to overcome any obstacle we face in the future.

To all the seniors who feel overwhelmed by their circumstances, do not despair! There are a lot of beautiful things happening around us; just try to look at them from a different perspective.

In this situation, we succeeded in forming exceptional bonds with all of our respected teachers; ones that were never forged before. Besides, we have developed the most important skill needed for our future: self-reliance. With distance learning, we understood that it is us - and only us - who can shape our present and well-deserved future. Perhaps, being seniors at such an uneasy time is not as horrible as we believed!

Zahraa Dhafer and Ali Dhafer,

Seniors 2021

I can say on behalf of the class of 2021 we would have never thought that our last chapter of high school would forever end in steps behind a screen, even before we ever got to grasp how it truly felt like to be a senior. However, if I have learnt anything during this year, it would be two things. First, acceptance. We have come together as a grade to accept the changes that have been brought upon us, although we never really wanted it to happen this way. We accepted the change, the circumstances, and moved along with it. Secondly, appreciation. I think our grade learned this the hard way, to truly appreciate something before its gone. From the little moments of laughter in class, to the enjoyment of coming home from school.

Even after the obstacles that we have endured, we have grown to become more understanding, accepting, and appreciative young adults with a very odd yet unique way of finishing the last steps of high school forever.

Dana Atieh,

Senior 2021

C/O 2021's Favorite Quotations

“Live a life worth living”

Living a life is worth living it with kindness and compassion and by loving yourself. As a young girl, living a life worth living is all I need because at such a young age, whatever I gift to the world, the world will give it back to me. Therefore, kindness and compassion are always my best friend.

~Mahaba Alawadhi Grade 12A

“Don’t live someone else’s dream, find your own.”

In this society everyone is compared to others and is forced to do what they don’t like for the public-eye's satisfaction. In reality, everyone is unique and should live what they are passionate about.

~Sultan Almazmi Grade 12B

University Acceptances

We would like to congratulate our Seniors who received acceptance letters to well-known universities across the globe.

We wish them the best of luck in their future studies.

The Future is Yours so embrace it!

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Good Habits Get Good Grades

Dear Students,

As you are preparing for your exams and assessments on a regular basis, always remember:

  1. Customize Your Guide to You: Always use your own way of taking notes which is easy for you to remember. (Visual aids- Graphic Organizers- flash cards- summaries- key words- recordings) Getting your ideas down in this brief format can help you to quickly recall everything you need to know during the exam.
  2. Ask Questions: Teachers are always around to provide you with all the support needed. When concepts are still not clear for you; it is best to ask for clarification to make the job easier.
  3. Take Breaks: Give yourself spare time. Not doing this will make you feel bored, lose interest, and lack concentration
  4. Prioritize your Tasks: It is very important to know what to start with first. Study the most important things that you must know and then practice more and support needed. When concepts are still not clear for you; it is best to ask for clarification to make the job easier.
  5. Color Code your Notes: This has been scientifically proven to work as it will help you to organize your ideas in a better way and thus recall them easily.
  6. Manage your anxiety: Grades are not the goal, but knowledge is. Always convince yourself that you can do it since you have set a clear goal in mind.
  7. Test Your Information: Periodically quiz yourself and ask about the information that you have studied so that you check whether the way you are studying is a good one or you need to make some changes.
  8. Manage your Time: Do not procrastinate and always assign a time to finish each task. When you manage your time effectively, you can easily achieve all the other tasks that you can and need to do.
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Reevaluate Your Study Habits

-If your ‘’Y's’’ are More, you are on the right track.

-If your ‘’N's’’ are More, you must work on modifying your study habits.

  1. Y__ N__ I spend more time than necessary studying for what I am learning.
  2. Y__ N__ It is common for me to spend hours cramming the night before an exam.
  3. Y__ N__ If I dedicate as much time as I want to my social life, I do not have enough time left to focus on my studies, or when I study as much as I need to, I do not have time for my social life.
  4. Y__ N__ I often study with the TV or radio turned on.
  5. Y__ N__ I struggle to study for long periods of time without becoming distracted or tired.
  6. Y__ N__ I usually doodle, daydream, or fall asleep when I go to class.
  7. Y__ N__ Often the notes I take during class are difficult for me to understand later when I try and review them.
  8. Y__ N__ I often end up getting the wrong material into my class notes.
  9. Y__ N__ I do not usually review my class notes from time to time throughout the term in preparation for exams.
  10. Y__ N__ When I get to the end of a chapter in a textbook, I struggle to remember what I have just got done reading.
  11. Y__ N__ I struggle to identify what is important in the text.
  12. Y__ N__ I study a lot for each test, but when I get to the test my mind draws a blank.
  13. Y__ N__ I often study in a sort of disorganized, haphazard way only motivated by the threat of the next test.
  14. Y__ N__ I frequently end up getting lost in the details of reading and have trouble identifying the main ideas and key concepts.
  15. Y__ N__ When my teachers assign me papers and projects, I often feel so overwhelmed that I really struggle to get started.

SAT Prep

SAT Study Guide

Click the link below to access lessons, strategies and diagnostic tests.
Getting Ready for College! Are You Prepared?

Grade 11 - 12 Students, click the link to see if you are ready.

AP Exams are approaching!

Our Grade 11 and 12 students will be sitting for their AP exam on the following dates:

AP Calculus Admin 1

May 4 (completed)

AP Biology Admin 1

May 14

AP Physics Admin 3

June 9

AP Chemistry Admin 3

June 10

AP Biology Admin 3

June 11

We wish our students the best of luck! Useful links for preparing for AP Exams.

Students can use the following link to practice for the exam:

AP Subjects Practice Tests (

SAIS Alumni: Love-Challenge- Lead-Change

My name is Marwa Al Qaisy, I was a student at Sharjah American International School (Sharjah Branch) from 1997 - 2008. I stepped foot in the school as a third grader when the school first opened. I had the greatest teachers. My teachers taught me more than English, Math, and Science. My teachers, counselors, and coordinators taught me life skills, how to deal with life outside of school, and how to face challenges and chase my dreams.

After graduation, I went on to pursue a higher education by earning a Bachelors of Marketing and later on Masters of Quality Management. I found myself going back to SAIS (Dubai Branch) as a teacher of Business subjects to high school students. The most fulfilling parts of my job is giving back to the school that gave me so much and preparing my students for the future that awaits them.

As life continued, I discovered a passion for fitness. After months of training, I am now a certified fitness instructor where I lead group exercise classes for indoor cycling. Currently, I am in the process of pursuing a certificate to become a health and nutrition life coach.

I would love to pass on to my students, what I have learned over the years, "Always chase after your dreams; and it's never too late to change your path and find your passion in life.

Learning in Action

We celebrated Earth Day and Poetry Month in April

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Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd. The celebration of Earth Day aims to raise awareness global warming and climate change. “The day inspires us to act towards the protection of the environment and focus on the need for conservation.”

At SAIS we observed Earth Day 2021 under the theme of 2021“Restore Our Earth.”

  • Teachers were encouraged to wear the color green to show their participation.
  • Female staff joined a meditation session in the boys’ green field to appreciate nature.
  • The electricity was switched off on school premises from 2:30 - 2:35 p.m.
  • Earth Day presentations and activities were done by students during class sessions.

We invite our parents to go green by choosing at least 5 items from the Green List below. Encourage your children to choose ways to "Go Green" from the list too.

Go Green List

  1. Change your light bulbs to a fluorescent light. It will reduce the energy consumption by up to 75%.
  2. Turn your computers off at night.
  3. Turn off lights when they are not being used. Try to use natural light by opening the curtains.
  4. Stop or minimize using disposable bags by taking your own reusable bags to the grocery stores.
  5. Buy energy-efficient appliances, as they can reduce energy consumption.
  6. Unplug all unused electronics and appliances.
  7. Use rechargeable batteries.
  8. When using a washing machine, make sure that you have a full load of laundry and hang-dry the clothes rather than using dryers.
  9. Minimize or reduce using water bottles; instead, install a water purification system at home.
  10. Go paperless by asking your children not to download assignments. Reuse scrap paper. Print on both sides, or ask your children to use the blank side as scratch paper to work, write or color on.
Earth Day @ grade5 @SAIS
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Recycling Materials Faisal
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Grade 6 Boys wrote Earth Day Pledges

Reading Through Ramadan

Thank you to our students and staff who have participated in our Break Time Reading initiative.

The students of KG and ES have had an enjoyable time listening to stories read by students and teachers of SAIS.

The stories have been about Ramadan, Morals, Values and Good Deeds. Many of the readers read to us live. Others prerecorded their stories to be shared with us through ZOOM.

Students in KG, ES, and HS have participated so far.

This daily activity will help us to move one step closer to our goal of developing more fluent readers in English and Arabic.

There are a few days left in the Holy month of Ramadan. If you or your child would like to read a story during break time, please send Mrs. Williams an email.

Stories in English and Arabic are welcomed.

Click the links below to hear some of the stories we have heard so far.



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Strategies to Ensure Students' Success


This video will guide you in supporting your child(ren) at home throughout the competition and will answer the following questions:

1. How does my child earn Stars for reading?

2. How does my child login to the Kids A-Z platform via computer or app?

3. Where can my child access books that will count towards the competition?

4. How do I access the Parent Dashboard to monitor my child’s progress?

Each KG2 - Grade 8 student has been added to RAZ Plus to take part in this exciting reading challenge. The competition is for the entire month of May.

Prizes will be awarded to the Top Reader, Top Teacher and Top School in the UAE.

Please motivate your children to accumulate stars on Raz-Kids by having them read as many books as they can from the Reading Room or Level Up, starting May 2, 2021 to May 30, 2021. Stars are earned based on the activities they do with the books inside the program.

Stars earned will automatically be calculated and can be viewed in the Reports tab by the teacher on the teacher portal.

Winners will be announced on June 13, 2021.

This competition is for all KG2-Grade 8 students.

On Your Marks… Get Set… READ!

Critical Verbs ~ Take 12

Verbs can be tricky when trying to make meaning of text and content in many subjects. Together, we will work to BOOST the vocabularies of our students 12 words at a time. Let's be intentional in exposing children to the vocabulary that will allow them to access texts and gain a deeper understanding of what they are reading.

Once we have learned all 52 of these carefully selected common core verbs, we will initiate a review to require the students to apply the new vocabulary that they have learned consistently.

The words are divided into 3 groups. Each group has 4 words. The file is attached to support your children in learning the SECOND set 12 words.

VERBS, INFERENCING, & CHARADES - The photo included in this newsletter entry is an activity that can be used with the verbs at home. Click the photo to enlarge the image.

May is Fitness Month

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About Us

Sharjah American International School provides an American-based curriculum within the framework of traditional Islamic values. It is SAIS’s overriding belief that students learn to their optimum in a caring, nurturing environment which recognizes the importance of the local culture and traditions. We believe a child’s education is served best when his/her individual needs are met within a challenging and comprehensive curriculum. We have as our primary purpose the developing of responsible and well-rounded bilingual students who will be able to meet the challenges of the 21st century with confidence and anticipation.

We also recognize that a modern school program must be grounded in sound and current education practice. To this end, we believe that staff development is an integral part of our school’s success. We believe that children learn differently and that instruction must be geared to the various learning styles in each classroom wherever possible. Also, we acknowledge the importance of the parent in the learning process and seek ways to involve the parent in school life. Above all, we believe that school should be a satisfying and enriching experience for each child.

Communication between SAIS and our parents is vital. We are constantly monitoring the most effective ways to communicate with our parents. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey (only one per household) regarding communication practices by the school. If you have an interest in volunteering or conducting a workshop or activity with our staff and students, inform us in the form as well.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Parent Survey Link:

Parent & Student Support Contact Information