2nd Grade Happenings

January 25, 2019

Congratulations to all the 2nd Graders receiving their 1st Reconciliation tomorrow night! I am very happy for you as you continue your journey in the Catholic Faith

MMO - We Begin in Faith

2nd Grade will be leading MMO this coming Monday! It is a great way to start Catholic Schools Week!

Catholic Schools Week

Next week is a fun week of the year - Catholic Schools Week!
The festivities will begin on Sunday with Mass and Open House. Please invite friends to come check out our awesome school! It's always nice to have expert families help answer questions at Open House--feel free to jump in and tell visitors what you love about our school.
All the other information CSW is in Thursday Notes.


We are currently in the middle of a chapter titled - Using Bar Models: Addition and Subtraction. In this chapter, your child will learn to use bar models to solve addition and subtraction problems. Some of the models they will use are:
  • addition models for joining sets
  • subtraction models for taking away sets
  • comparison models for comparing sets

If you look up "Bar Model Math 2nd Grade" on YouTube, it will provide you with some examples so you can understand what we are doing.

IXL Reminder

Don't forget that IXL is part of your child's weekly homework. It is listed on the bottom of their homework sheet.
The students are required to complete at least 20 minutes in Math and 20 minutes in Language Arts each week.
Those who do not complete their IXL homework for the week will need to stay inside during recess to complete it.

A note from Ms. Berning - Computer Class

The students have been using DanceMat Typing (http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z3c6tfr) to learn and practice the basics of good keyboarding and fingering techniques.

The students do not have accounts on this site; we've been keeping a paper trail of our progress in the computer lab. This site is fun, kid friendly, and successfully introduces students to the skills for becoming efficient typists!

If you have any questions you can contact Ms. Berning - mberning@stmikesolympia.org

Report Card Envelopes

If you have not done so already, can you please return the envelope that came home with your child's report card.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, January 26th - 9:00 All-School Mass
  • Friday, January 26th - Passport Test
  • January 28th - February 2nd - Catholic Schools Week
  • Friday, February 2nd - 9:00 All-School Mass