CAMP Connect Kids is BACK!

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Make plans to join us THIS Wednesday!

After over 10 months away, we are SO excited for CAMP Connect Kids to start back this Wednesday, January 27th at all 3 campuses! We will send out a newsletter each week to let you know about special events, what we're learning about, and how you can partner with us at home!

If you're new to CAMP Connect Kids...

WHO is CCK for?

  • ALL kids, babies - 5th grade


  • It's the time our kids at Connect come together each week for fun, fellowship, and hands on Bible learning. Everything we do with our Connect Kids centers around learning what it means to become fully devoted followers of Christ by living out Matthew 22:37-38 - Love God, Love People.


  • We meet at all 3 campuses each Wednesday night, 5:45-7:45

By the way...We do provide a supper each week! Typical menu includes things such as pizza, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, or nachos. If your child is a picky eater, they are welcome to bring their own food with them. If you have allergy concerns, please be sure to let us know!

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DROP-OFF and PICK-UP Procedures

Since some of you are new to Connect AND we have all been away for so long, here's a few reminders about drop off and pick up:

  • EVERYONE HAS TO CHECK-IN! We will begin checking in kids at 5:45. Parents MUST walk your child in and go through the check-in process. Please do not drop your child off at the curb or door.

  • KEEP YOUR RECEIPT STICKER!! This is your ticket to get your kiddos back at pick up! To keep kids safe and make sure they leave with the right folks, you will be required to have a receipt sticker with you at pick up (You will receive this at check-in). We realize this can be may seem "over the top"...and, it may even feel silly to have to prove you're the parent of your child to someone you go to church with and have known a long time. However, we have many new faces at Connect (YAY!), and not everyone knows everyone. Safety is ALWAYS our top priority. Please help us keep your babies safe by bringing that receipt sticker with you so we know (and you know) that kids are leaving with the right adults. Also...if a different person is picking up that didn't do check-in, text a pic of the receipt sticker to that person for them to show us. If we are unsure or there is a concern, we may ask for a form of ID. Children that are in classes Kindergarten and below will be picked up from their classrooms. School Age (1st-5th grades) will be picked up in your campus' large room Kids' Space.

  • EVERYONE HAS TO CHECK OUT!! We realize sometimes your child may need to leave early. Guess what? We still need that receipt sticker. :-D Please DO NOT pick up a child from a class or activity without a volunteer knowing, and properly checking them out with us. Also, please DO NOT text your child if they have a cell phone, and ask them to come out to you in the parking lot. If you are sick or unable to come inside, we understand. Contact your campus Children's Minister, and we will be happy to walk your child out to the car for you. Again...this is for your child's safety. Thanks so much for your understanding!!
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CoVid Safe While Still Having Fun!

Living in the CoVid world right now, we will be taking precautions to keep our kids safe while also having fun learning about Jesus.

Just so you know what to expect, here is our CoVid Plan we will be following:

  • SYMPTOM FREE: At check-in, parents will sign a health form indicating your child(ren) have no symptoms. Children will have their temperature checked, and then will wash hands before entering the group areas.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Groups will be kept small, and we will practice social distancing as much as possible.
  • MASKS: 1st grade and up are strongly encouraged to wear a mask, but it is not required. All adults will wear masks.